Compressed Air Leak Survey

By: Ultrasonic Leak Detection Services Ltd  13-Jul-2009
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YEARLY SURVEY... A once a year comprehensive survey of your entire compressed air system. This survey gives you a complete picture of your air system, you can then use the data we collect to budget for leak repair starting with urgent repairs and progressing to leaks of lesser urgency although you must remember that a lot of smaller leaks repaired can still result in significant savings. A typical survey can quite often result in us finding 15-30 leaks per 100 CFM.

SIX OR THREE MONTHLY SURVEYS... On larger sites we can spread the survey over 3 or 6 monthly visits to reduce downtime if surveys need to be done during shutdowns for maintenance or other seasonal highs and lows in production. If different parts of a plant shutdown at different times this can also be accommodated.

FIND, FIX, RECHECK... Our largest customers have recognized the value in this type of survey and it typically involves providing an engineer equipped with some basic fittings and a few tools e.g. push lock units, joiners, thread seal and air tubing. The engineer works with us and any leaks that he can repair easily on the spot he does so. We then recheck the faulty fitting or pipe and the savings to your company begin immediately.

On a recent survey, 24% of leaks found were fixed there and then. This % has been higher on some sites and more often than not the immediate power savings more than covers the cost of the entire survey.

90 DAY RECHECK... If within a 90 Day period after a survey you repair as many leaks as possible and get us back for a recheck, the recheck is done at a discounted rate. This helps you to maximise benefits at an early stage.

MULTI-SITE DISCOUNT... Where a company has several sites and contracts us to do a survey on all sites we will do this at a discounted rate.

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Keywords: Leak Detection, Leak Detection Services

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