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By: Ultrasonic Leak Detection Services Ltd  03-Feb-2009
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“Ultrasonic Leak Detection provides a non invasive predictive maintenance service to industry. All operating equipment and most leakage problems produce a broad range of sound. Ultrasonic inspection systems respond to the in-audible, or ultrasonic elements of these acoustic emissions. The ultrasonic sounds being monitored are sound waves that occur in the 20 to 100 KHz range. The average threshold of human perception is about 17kHz. Making use of our services should not reflect in any way on your engineering staff and their current maintenance practices, as early detection of a developing problem is virtually impossible without the competent use of an ultraprobe.” What We Do Currently we service several of NZ’s largest companies and a number of other large businesses generally in the food manufacturing and packaging industries. For a number of years these companies have enjoyed the savings that a Compressed Air Survey has given them. Our role is to identify any air leaks in your company’s air system using an Ultrasonic Scanner, document them and then place an identifying tag on the faulty equipment so that you can repair these leaks as time and manpower allows. Using the Ultrasonic Scanner we have the ability to locate leaks quickly even in a noisy environment that without this equipment would make leak detection for maintenance engineers very difficult and time consuming. Savings will obviously vary from company to company and site to site within companies but you can expect a saving of approximately 20 – 25%on your current compressed air electricity consumption.

The service we provide has shown that for every $1000 spent, $4000-$8000 of electricity cost alone is saved at most sites. This saving varies according to each sites cost per kWhr. Due to the sometimes hostile environment the air lines and air dependent equipment is exposed to the deterioration of this equipment is ongoing. However after the repairs from the initial survey are carried out it is expected the cost of future surveys will be reduced. We have several options available with regard to our survey which I will outline briefly: ·
YEARLY SURVEY A once a year comprehensive survey of leaks in your compressed air system. This survey gives you a complete picture of your air system, you can then use the data we collect to budget for leak repair starting with urgent repairs and progressing to leaks of lesser urgency although you must remember that a lot of smaller leaks repaired can still result in significant savings. ·
SIX OR THREE MONTHLY SURVEY On larger sites we can spread the survey over 3 or 6 monthly visits to reduce downtime if surveys need to be done during shutdowns for maintenance or other seasonal highs and lows in production. If different parts of a plant shutdown at different times this can also be accommodated. ·
FIND, FIX, RECHECK Our largest customer has recognized the value in this type of survey and it typically involves providing an engineer equipped with some basic fittings and a few tools e.g.; push lock fittings, joiners, thread seal and air pipe. The engineer works with us and any leaks that he can repair easily on the spot he does so. We then recheck the faulty fitting or pipe and the savings to your company begin immediately. On a recent survey 24% of leaks found were fixed there and then. This % has been higher on some sites and more often than not the immediate savings more than covers the cost of the entire survey. ·
90 DAY RECHECK If within a 90 Day period after a survey you repair as many leaks as possible and get us back for a recheck, the recheck is done at a discounted rate. This helps you to maximise benefits at an early stage. ·
MULTI-SITE DISCOUNT Where a company has several sites and contracts us to do a survey on all sites we will do this at a discounted rate.

Benefits To You
1. Reduced wear and operating costs for compressors
2. Reduced risk of plant failure due to early fault detection
3. Leak survey able to be carried out with plant operating
4. Ability to quickly locate costly leaks reducing waste and downtime
5. Significant financial savings

Our reporting system gives you simple effective data that pin-points the location of each leak as detailed on a spreadsheet which you can then duplicate and give to your maintenance engineer/s for various parts of your site so that repairs can be implemented as time allows. Each leak has a decibel reading and all leaks 80+dB (approx. 7cfm) is marked as urgent. We tally all leaks and give you a total energy wastage and approximate dollar savings based on your cost per kWhr. You can also receive your report in hardcopy form and electronically. On Larger sites we require the accompaniment of someone who has a working knowledge of the site and plant to assist in identifying where we are and what equipment we are surveying. This makes our reporting to you more beneficial.

We believe that your company can make significant savings by having us survey your compressed air system. A survey can be carried out with minimal disruption to your production schedule and we are happy to work in with you to establish the best possible way of achieving this whether it is during a scheduled shutdown, weekend shutdowns, overnight surveying or during production. Should you wish to discuss costs, availability or any other queries please do not hesitate to contact our company.

Keywords: Leak Detection, Leak Detection Services

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