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AAC Solid Masonry Construction from AAC Euroblock Solid Masonry Construction Systems

By: AAC Euroblock Solid Masonry Construction Systems  23-Aug-2008

One of the most important benefits of thermal mass in the construction of homes is its ability to moderate temperature extremes. An age old European masonry system only just made widely available in NZ, Euroblock has proved unsurpassed in energy efficiency and thermal performance. The Euroblock system exceeds the required R value in climate zones 1 2 by 100%, and climate zone 3 by 80%, as outlined in NZBC Clause H1 in Energy Efficiency-Third Edition. It is a single component structural insulation block system that has been used in construction in Europe for over 80 years. Referred to as AAC block, standing for autoclaved aerated concrete, this construction system is highly energy efficient and ticks all the right boxes in terms of dryness, warmth, durability and safety. Thermal protection in buildings directly influences the use of energy for heating and cooling, as well as the ability to control the room climate at comfortable levels. Any heavy material has the ability to absorb, store and gradually release heat. This property is commonly referred to as thermal mass. Euroblock stores heat when the energy source is at its peak, and releases the heat when the energy source is no longer available, so indoor temperature is moderated 24 hours a day giving it outstanding cost effective heating and cooling qualities.

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