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By: MINDwell  06-Feb-2016
Keywords: Stress, Depression, Life Coaching

The INTEGRAL LIFE CHANGE PROCESS. To achieve whatever you want, you first have to know what it is you want. Then you build your house. Before you put on the roof, you must lay the foundations, and create walls. In human experience this means getting the mind right to move forward with the least effort. Basically one "LOOKS WITHIN to see WITHOUT CLEARLY". Within us, is a huge amount of INNER SKILL, or INNER STRENGTH, that is rarely used, not aligned, or with one INNER SKILL or STRENGTH, opposing another. When you think of those people that have endured, and succeeded despite incredible odds, this is what I am talking about. Such feats, and goals are achievable by anyone, if these INNER SKILLS, are effectively employed. The INTEGRAL LIFE CHANGE PROCESS at revives our own INNER SKILLS, or STRENGTHS, to create that force of change. It restores WHOLENESS, by having all the strengths within aligned to PURPOSE. If that is achieved ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. These INNER SKILLS are MIND, HEART, BREATH, and ENERGY. I can HELP YOU DO this. Have a look at my webpage. This is MY PASSION, and I would be thrilled to help YOU!

Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Life Coaching, Stress