Snap Info - Snaps

By: Greenbeans Nz  05-Apr-2012

CAP - the cap is the most visible part of a snap, which is the dome that is visible on the outside of the garment. You need one cap per socket or stud. Some people mix cap colours with the socket or stud they are applying for visual effect.

SOCKET - is the female part of the snap that joins together with the male – you need one cap to apply one socket to a garment.

STUD - is the male part of the snap that joins together with the socket – you need one cap to apply one stud to a garment.

3-1 RATIO - most people use 3 sockets to 1 stud when making MCN’s, giving a 3-1 ratio. Socket & Cap sets are available because you usually use more sockets than studs on your nappies.

FULL SETS - Our 100 full sets contain 100 sockets, 100 studs, and 200 caps (400 total pieces). A full set is enough to apply 100 complete sets of snaps. In other terms, 100 sockets & 100 studs.

SOCKET & CAP SETS - Our 100 socket & cap sets contain 100 sockets, 100 caps (200 total pieces), enough to apply 100 sockets (female) only.


What are GB Coloured Snaps?
At Greenbeans we have been building up our range of custom colours of snaps over the last few years. All GB coloured snaps are custom made by us to match identically the same coloured Fabrite PUL we stock. They are a custom item to us only and you will not find the same shade available from anyone else. We only stock GB colours in size 20 snaps.

Can we have Stud & Caps?
Yes, you can do so by ordering socket and caps in the colour you want stud & caps in and put comments on the order that you wanted stud and caps in the size/colour in question on the order itself. The price will be the same as socket and caps, for stud & caps.

Quickly check that we have full sets available in the colour/size you want stud & cap sets, as we simply break open a full set, send you the stud and & cap set from, and make up a socket & cap set out of what is left and put back on the shelf to supply to someone who wants a socket & cap set.

It is simply too time consuming and space consuming to openly offer stud & caps as we have had little demand for them, and doing them up the way above while open to mistakes, is the most efficient way for us to offer them at this time.

Can we order individual parts or less than 100?
No - the cost in labour to handle such would put the price at a higher price than what we already offer sets of 100 for.