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By: Natural Family Health Clinic  06-Apr-2016
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At the Natural Family Health Clinic, it is our aim to provide quality health consultations focusing on every aspect of health, seeking to find the underlying cause of any health concern rather than just treating the symptoms. Our goal is to listen to you and facilitate your bodies own healing power using natural, non-toxic therapies to restore balance in the body. As a client of ours we will be working with you to optimise your health and wellbeing; prevent illness, boost immunity and support both acute and chronic conditions to maintain better overall health. An initial consultation usually lasts 60-90 minutes and includes an in-depth case take of current health, medical history, looking at all body systems, using diagnostic techniques and assessing any health concerns you may have. We will look at diet, nutritional status, activity, lifestyle, emotions, medical history and how the body is functioning. I may use hair testing to check for food sensitivities, heavy metals or mineral deficiencies that may be impacting on your health, refer you for blood testing or hormone testing and the results of these will be used in your treatment plan. Then an individual treatment plan is discussed with you to ensure it is achievable for you, hand-outs & recipes may be provided & we will continue to work alongside you in follow up appointments educating you on ways to improve your lifestyle so that you don’t fall back into ill health. The treatment plan may include simple recommendations, nutrition changes, the use of supplements & minerals, medicinal herbs, detoxification methods, stress management, exercise, breathing techniques, homeobotanical remedies, bach flowers and other lifestyle changes. Follow up appointments are provided to support you through changes to obtain optimal health, to keep you motivated, support you to achieve your goals, assess progress, discuss any changes you may be experiencing and to amend the plan as your health improves.

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