Farm Finance, Mortages. Refinancing Consulting and Sussession Planning

By: Fraser Farm Finance  06-Dec-2011

Specialists in mortgages and business development loans, stock and plant finance, mortgage, trusts and finance solutions for rural business, particularly farming financial requirements.

Our products and services include:

Donald’s experience in the rural and commercial sectors, combined with his extensive knowledge of the New Zealand finance industry, means that he can provide you with sophisticated and tailored financial solutions that are right for you. What’s more, the considerable experience and broad perspective of Fraser Farm Finance gives you access to a range of other complementary services.

When buying a new property? How do you go about arranging a suitable mortgage? Don can help you make that process a lot less stressful. He will guide you through and ensure that you get the best solution for your particular needs.

We and Don specialise in finance for farms, orchards, vineyards, commercial property and other property transactions. We will source for you the most suitable and attractive finance package for your property purchase anywhere in New Zealand.

Mortgage or re-mortage, Don ensures that you get all the information and options you need to make a fully informed decision that will best meet your needs

The opportunity to buy the neighbour’s property doesn’t arise very often but when it does it needs serious consideration, even if the timing seems wrong. It can be the best way – sometimes the only way – to expand or increase the value of your farming business.

Fraser Farm Finance can help you finance the purchase to ensure you make the most of the opportunity. A creative solution may be required, and our ability to think ‘outside the square’ is one of our key strengths.

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