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By: Bausch & Lomb  05-Apr-2012
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New!  Soothe Hydration Lubricant Eye Drops provides dry eye therapy that moisturizes, comforts, and protects against further irritation.  

Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops Preservative Free is ideal for sensitive eyes and post-LASIK dry eye. It's preservative-free so it's gentle enough to be used as often as needed.

Soothe Night Time Lubricant Eye Ointment (Preservative free) for overnight relief of dry eyes.

Alaway (ketotifen fumarate ophthalmic solution) Antihistamine Eye Drops are indicated for temporary relief for itchy eyes due to ragweed, pollen, grass, animal hair and dander. Provides eye itch relief within minutes that lasts up to 12 hours.

Temporarily relieves minor eye symptoms of itching and redness caused by ragweed, pollen, grass, animal hair, and dander. Clinically proven effective for relief of itchy, red eyes.

Muro 128 2% (Sodium Chloride Hypertonicity Ophthalmic Solution) for corneal edema.

When your patients suffer from corneal edema and its associated eye symptoms, Muro 128 solution can offer effective relief.

The artificial tear uniquely formulated with propylene glycol and glycerin to moisturize and soothe dry, irritated eyes.

Advanced Eye Relief® Dry Eye Rejuvenation Lubricant Eye Drops soothes, comforts, and refreshes age-related dry eye irritation.

When your patients suffer from corneal edema and its associated symptoms, Muro 128 ointment can offer effective relief.

Provides fast-acting relief from red, irritated eyes. Bausch + Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Redness Instant Relief moisturizes, comforts and relieves redness due to minor eye irritations.

Bausch + Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Maximum Relief provides long-lasting comfort and maximum relief from dry, burning and irritated eyes. These drops relieve redness and discomfort due to minor eye irritations, exposure to wind or sun and dryness.

Bausch + Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Eye Wash is a thimerosal-free formulation used to flush loose foreign material, air pollutants, and chlorinated water. Helps relieve irritation and stinging.

Pharmacist-preferred special formula used to loosen foreign material. Soothes and cleanses eyes.

Keywords: Ophthalmics

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