Natural Language Processing SDK Analyzes Text in Foreign Languages

By: Basis Technology Corp  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Building Blocks, Linguistics, Rosette

Comprehensive linguistic analysis of unstructured text in Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages for enhancing information retrieval, text mining, and other applications.

Hundreds of leading enterprises and many governments have trusted the Rosette platform for their most critical text analysis requirements. As the world’s most advanced linguistics toolkit, Rosette is dedicated to helping users discover documents in many languages and extract meaning from them. The latest edition, Rosette 7, includes innovations that help you rapidly explore your raw data to find the information you need – in more languages than ever before.

Where Rosette Can Help

Capability You Can Use

Rosette 7 is a suite of components designed to help you examine raw data, process it intelligently, and put it to work. These building blocks can be assembled into flexible solutions that fit the requirements of your application, working seamlessly within your current workflows while handling many different languages, character sets, and data sources. Rosette can enhance any application that depends on extracting meaningful intelligence from huge volumes of unstructured text—accurately, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Whether you need to offer a more powerful search tool, uncover crucial evidence in a legal matter, or catch a money launderer or terrorist, Rosette will make a difference. Now you can find the intelligence you’re looking for—or quickly discover new information hidden inside your document collection.

Flexible Building Blocks

By plugging Rosette components into your application, you can:

Flexible Solutions that Enhance Your Application and Workflow

Rosette 7 is designed for a wide range of large-scale applications that need to identify, classify, analyze, index, and search unstructured text from various sources. It uses sophisticated technology known as computational linguistics to establish the true meaning of digital text, in English as well as dozens of major European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages.

Advanced text analytics is complemented by ease of integration. Rosette 7 components plug into an application through a single API that supports C++, Java, or .NET. Developers can utilize the modules they need where they best within fit their application and workflow, and easily add new capabilities or languages as requirements evolve.

Keywords: Building Blocks, Linguistics, Rosette

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