Fush Buzz Bar Yellow 5'6

By: Barron Surfboards  06-Dec-2011

You'll be absolutely buzzing after riding on this racey wee shortboard. This is part of the all new Fush Shortboard Performance line, modern surfboard designs at a great price, with a new logo  to boot. The Buzz bars fuller in the nose, nice and wide in the tail, and a bit of extra width makes it great for those smaller 1-2ft days when you want to get loose, or try a few airs. The bottom is pretty flat, with a slight concave, and a late low rise rocker in the nose. They are super fun, and come in some great colours too.

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Barron Surfboards made in New Zealand

Yeahh, gave it a go out puniho, surfs sooooooo well, feels great even after the first 2 or 3 waves, its like real quick and looser than i was expecting a 6-0 to be feels soo good riding it. I will be able to get some footage and pics of me riding it soon..


Puffa Fush 7'4" | Barron Surfboards made in New Zealand

The puffa fish is the perfect big guys fish or board for someone who wants to learn but doesn't want to ride a mini mall. It holds a rail nicely, is super easy to paddle, easy to duckdive, and is still light and manageable enough to turn. This New Zealand made hand shaped board is awesome value, and wicked for those small days too.


GAS Quad Fin Set Blue HPL/S

The fins use inside foil technology offering better hold and faster response through turns with top to bottom control and plenty of speed down the line. This set conatins 4 fins similar to FCS, that will fit in your existing fin plugs, a great cheaper option to a performance fin. Adequate tip flex provides more forgiveness and control at higher speed. There are 2 x Blue HPS center fins and 2 x Blue HPL Outer fins.


Fush K Bar Rasberry 6'0

With the egg funboard shape, if you want to cruise it with give the smoothest bottom turns & cutbacks, but when you push it watch the tail release and the board come alive. This is a great alternative to your normal shortboard. Great fun and at a great price just in time for summer.


Fush Mars Bar 5'10 | Barron Surfboards made in New Zealand

The Mars Bar has all that old school retro style, but we have stepped it up with the option to ride it as a single, twinny or even a single with side fins, which gives you so many possibilities. Single fins are so popular now, and they are such a great change up from riding your same odd thruster, they'll give your surfing a real lift. The drawn out soul arch bottom turn, the smooth roundhouse cutbacks.