Barkley Manor

By: Barkley Manor  06-Dec-2011

At Barkley Manor we are committed to providing a daily schedule of play, rest, learning and socialising for your dog. Our staff members are specially chosen for their training, their experience and their passion for creating a healthy, stress-free, fun environment.

We have a real open door policy that allows you to see everything we do whenever suits you.  In our sumptuous reception area we have a live video link into the main daycare and windows and walkways so you can enjoy the fun too.

We love to let you see your loved one having fun!!

Woodbury Park

Divided into 2 huge spaces, Woodbury Park is where our bigger more boisterous kids hang out.  The Ball Room with its dedicated 'chuckit' wall is all about high energy - giving the ball chasers and active kids the chance to really get their minds and bodies active.

The Clubhouse, designed as a series of platforms with easy access to the clubhouse lets the dogs jump and chase each other.   Easily divided at quiet time it is the perfect area also for a quiet snooze.

Budleigh Gardens

A dedicated big area for the younger and medium sized  kids - with cushioned rubber flooring, these  guys sure get up some speed and create what we lovingly call the 'whirpool', chasing each other or the toys.  

 .. clambering on their very own platforms, wrestling in tunnels and on trampolines

But loving their training time treats and cuddles at quiet time.


Colehill Cottage

Located directly off reception, our Cottage is a house within a house dedicated to our tiny tots and puppies.  With sumptuous couches and beds for our 'loungers, or jungle gyms and equipment for our crazier kids, there is a little something for all

A sea of shih tzus, chihauhaus, maltese and poodle mixes enjoy chasing, wrestling or lots of staff cuddles. Pretty cute to watch or on quiet days we love to bring our two legged clients in for some cuddles of their own.

Outside Spaces and Garden

With a dedicated area off each of the main play spaces, our kids have access outside all day for toilet breaks and some fresh.  Large enough for play time too, each area is a mix of concrete, trees and woodchip with plenty of room for crazy water pool time during the warmer summer months

Also accessible from each area is  a huge grass garden area where the kids really like to get their energy going and enjoy some much needed fun in the sun.


Daily Schedule 

At Barkley Manor we believe that routine and consistency are two of the keys to a dog’s happiness, we therefore provide a daily schedule of activities to enhance your dog’s day.