500PLUS® REIDBAR™ - Commercial Construction Solutions

By: Bamtec  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Product Design, Commercial Construction, Steel Reinforcing

500PLUS® REIDBAR™ - Commercial Construction Solutions

500PLUS® REIDBAR™ is a hot-rolled continuously threaded steel reinforcing bar and coupler system which can be cut and joined at any point, greatly improving steel flexibility. It’s a solution well suited to commercial construction.

The rugged threads are resistant to damage and permit rapid coupling on site enabling continuous reinforcing through the slab.

OneSteel Reinforcing offers 500PLUS® REIDBAR™ in most reinforcing bar diameters (12, 16, 20, 25 & 32 mm), while Reid Construction Systems provides an extensive range of couplers and construction accessories such as nuts, threaded inserts, foot plates, grout sleeves and nailing plates, enabling the 500PLUS® REIDBAR™ system to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Smaller diameter bars can easily be cut using bolt cutters or an abrasive cutting wheel, while larger diameter bars may be cut using an oxy-acetylene torch.

No special tools are necessary to tighten 500PLUS® REIDBAR™ components.  Provided the bar is screwed tightly against the centre stop, or fully through the component, whichever is appropriate, the full breaking strength will be developed.

Onsite benefits of using 500PLUS® REIDBAR™ include:

  • Economical to splice without specialised equipment
  • Design flexibility and simplified detailing
  • Wide variety of construction and ground support applications
  • Can be substituted for ordinary N Class REBAR
  • Reduces congestion of reinforcing
  • Increases productivity
  • Minimises waste.

The versatile applications of 500PLUS® REIDBAR™ include:

  • Staged construction
  • Wall to floor connections
  • Wall to wall connections
  • Column to wall connections
  • Beam to slab connections
  • Slab penetrations
  • Starter bars
  • Shear reinforcing
  • Tilt-up/precast concrete
  • Refurbishment and rectification works
  • Wind bracing
  • Hold/tie down bolts
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Rock bolting
  • Soil anchoring.

Additional product design and application information is available in the comprehensive OneSteel Reinforcing 500PLUS® REIDBAR™ Technical Manual.

Keywords: Commercial Construction, Design Flexibility, Product Design, Reinforcing Bar, Steel Reinforcing

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