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By: Bamboo Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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Get the most from your Bamboo product.

Our customers choose Bamboo because they want to solve a problem -- and for users with limited IT resources, or strict internal guidelines, the problem isn't necessarily over just because you've purchased a great product. Whether it's installation, configuration, or training the people who need to use it, Bamboo Services is designed to make the process of getting started with any Bamboo product as easy and simple as you want it to be.

Pick and choose the services you need.

Installation Services

No matter what the size of your SharePoint environment, Bamboo Installation Services ensure your new product is installed safely, correctly, and in compliance with your internal IT guidelines. Why spend another minute worrying about "getting it right", when you can have your Bamboo product installed quickly and effortlessly by the people who built it?

Customization Without Code

Customizing a Bamboo web part or solution doesn't have to involve special development -- in most cases, your product can be tailored to meet your specific needs simply by configuring it properly. Whether it's creating a rolled-up calendar view, or connecting new Web Parts to your dashboard, setup assistance from Bamboo Services is the best way to get the functionality you want, and the performance you need.

End User and Administrator Training

Ultimately, the people in your organization will determine whether your SharePoint deployment is successful -- so why not give them the knowledge they need to make it work? Bamboo Services offers a wide variety of training options for end users and administrators, empowering the people who use SharePoint every day.

Build your own Bamboo experience.

Bamboo Services is the simplest way to maximize the return on your SharePoint investment, and the benefits are immediate.

  • Trained SharePoint users are better SharePoint users. Help the people who use SharePoint on a day to day basis, and increase end-user enthusiam and adoption.

  • Well configured portals always perform better. We know how to squeeze every ounce of performance from our products, which makes for a faster, more usable environment with minimal hardware resources.

  • Get help now, and avoid problems later. Most technical support questions involve installation, licensing, and configuration. With those out of the way, you may just never have to call support again.

Daisy Anand, Director of Bamboo Services.

Master some of today's most powerful SharePoint applications.

Whether you're managing projects or building custom workflows, see how easy it can be to transform your business by adding Bamboo Services to some of the most powerful applications in SharePoint.

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Keywords: Bamboo

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