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By: Balance Sports Nutrition  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Protein

Muscle recovery is critical for every athlete no matter what sport, endurance or bodyshaping goal.

Use the Fuel & Recovery products to:

GET A PRE-WORKOUT HEAD START ON RECOVERY: By maximising carbohydrate and amino acid (protein) availability prior to beginning exercise, you help delay the onset of catabolism and ensure that 100% effort can be delivered at each training session.

HALT THE CATABOLIC EFFECT QUICKLY AFTER EXERCISE STOPS: Consuming a supplement high in both carbohydrates and protein is ideal and should happen as soon as possible after exercise. Providing adequate nutrients in the right balance within 30 minutes after exercise is vital for recovery.

KEEP RECOVERY IN MOTION DURING TRAINING DOWNTIME: Between exercise sessions, every athlete must address the total macro and micronutrient demands created by an intense training regimen. Recovery supplementation is a vital component of a systematic, well-balanced and tailored nutrition plan.

Keywords: Protein