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By: Axis Design  05-Apr-2012

Axis Professional welcomes the opportunity to offer you our fire safety consultancy services. Axis Professional is an independent fire safety consultancy business with no alliances with industry organizations. This ensures that we can provide neutral, practical and professional advice based on our extensive knowledge of the New Zealand Building Code and a total of over 20 years of practical fire safety experience.

The strength of Axis Professional is our concentration on fire safety and accessibility design solutions to achieve compliance with Territorial and Building Consent Authorities. This has resulted in providing consultancy services for new and existing buildings across a broad spectrum of building size, types and uses from Kaitaia to the Bluff.

A major advantage of using Axis Professional is they have a background in Architectural design, architectural and structural draughting and project coordination which has been enhanced by our thorough understanding of the of the New Zealand Building Code Compliance Documents for fire safety and accessibility. This background allows us to have a full appreciation of the wide range of issues affecting the fire safety design.  Deriving from an architectural background means we are not leaning just towards mechanical services, Fire Service personnel, structural engineering or any other single discipline.  Our vast experience and practical knowledge provides a needed logical approach to specific fire design solutions for your unique project.

Axis Professional provides professional consultancy services specifically dealing with fire safety to Architects, Designers, Engineers, Developers, Builders, Businesses, Individual Building Owners and Building Consent Authorities.

Axis Professional can take the load off your project in the following areas……

  • Discuss and advise at the planning stage
  • Provide a comprehensive Fire Design Report
  • Provide ongoing related support during tender
  • Project manage relative quoting/tender and installation processes
  • Liaise with city and district councils to identify and facilitate the management of all relevant requirements in order to provide the best solution to our clients
  • Ensure building owners or representatives have understanding of their ongoing building fire safety requirements

Axis Professional Fire Safety Design Reports go the extra mile and carry the Fire Safety requirements through to include the application and specifying of the fire rated systems, and products throughout your building.  It takes all the hassle out of finding which products abd systems do I really need, and where do I find the systems and products to meet the requirements.   Axis Professional include all the relevant details and information as standard practice.

What is the Procedure?

Axis Professional Fire Engineering – Philosophy

Axis Professional Fire Engineering brings together the theoretical knowledge of fire engineering and the practical application of fire safety systems to deliver cost effective and appropriate fire safety solutions for buildings stakeholders.

Axis Professional Fire Engineering recognises that fire safety applies for the life of the building, not just the project. This philosophy is reflected in our approach through consideration of whole-of-life issues such as building function, fire services reliability and effectiveness, maintenance and servicing.

Adding Value

Axis Professional Fire Engineering believes that good building fire safety design requires a holistic approach. We are able to effectively integrate fire safety design into the overall building design through our understanding of the impact of fire safety on the architectural, mechanical, structural and electrical elements of the building design.  Axis Professional Fire Engineering adds value through our experience in the design and installation of building services. This experience means we are able to clearly identify and communicate fire safety requirements to the design team via fire engineering briefs, fire safety reports, drawings and performance specifications.  Axis Professional specialises in fire safety design.  This means you get the fire safety design services you need when you need them, without overhead costs of retaining these services on staff.

Axis Professional has worked in the consultancy sector and on large construction projects and is familiar with project delivery methodologies used by design professionals and construction companies.

Axis Professional recognises the importance of the involvement of key stakeholders in their project, particularly in the development of the fire safety design.

Axis Professional understand the interface between fire safety and the mechanical, electronic building control, structural, electrical and architectural design elements of the building to deliver an integrated and coordinated design.

Fire Safety Design Reports

Generally the Territorial Authority / Your Local Council will require a Fire Safety Design Report to be submitted with each Application for a Building Consent for any project other than a single domestic house or garage.  The Fire Safety Design Report advises the Territorial Authority the relevant requirements that apply to your particular project, and how your design and drawings meets the requirements identified.   In addition a Fire Safety Design Report may be requested by your insurer, The New Zealand Fire Service or your Building Designer if they feel a certain aspect needs to be investigated further.

Axis Professional Fire Safety Design Reports and detailed drawings will ensure compliance with acceptable solutions covered by Section C of the New Zealand Building Code which provides for means of escape from buildings, Spread of Fire and protection of other property.

The Fire Safety Report is prepared from the information you provide us, such as construction Plans, site plans & specifications. The Fire Safety Report provides in detail the fire safety requirements your particular project will require in accordance with the NZ Building Code - Acceptable Solutions.

A Fire Safety Report is often requested by the Local Territorial Authority (TA) or council, it may also be requested by your insurer, NZ fire Service or your building designer if they feel a certain aspect needs to be investigated further.

New Buildings

Each new building project must provide the essential equipment, precautions and construction for fire safety.  It is prudent to find out the governing factors early on in your new building project so that the fire safety factors and design can be worked into your design as it progresses.  Take advantage of the Axis Professional preliminary fire assessment at the completion of your concept design, before commencing the final working drawings.  Then progress on to a full Fire Safety Design Report to accompany the final working drawings and documentation for the Building Consent application.

All new building designs must include a Fire Safety Design Report.

Subdivision of Commercial and Residential Buildings

Axis Professional fire engineers can assist you and your Surveyor in the subdividing process of your offices, shops, flats, units in fact for any building. Such subdivisions require an inspection, analysis and report by fire engineering specialists to ensure compliance with the fire safety documents.

Existing Buildings

Axis Professional can help you with Fire Safety Design Reports on your existing buildings.   If you are looking to purchase an existing building and carry out alterations or additions or have a change of use for the building, the building owner must advise the Territorial authority.  Such alteration or change of use must demonstrate how the alteration or change of use complies with the requirements for Fire Safety, Means of Escape and Access and Facilities for Persons with disabilities.  An Axis Professional Fire Safety Design Report covers these matters and demonstrates the requirements and the means of meeting those requirements.

Fire Safety Inspections on Existing Buildings- Can cover the following items

- Fire protection & Detection Systems

- Evacuation Requirements and procedures

- Dangerous Goods (signage)

- Means of Escape (exits and doors)

- Portable Fire equipment and hose reels

- Signage, safety barriers and emergency lights

Building Fire Design Reports

For the optimum results

  • Axis Professional are happy to and prefer to discuss and advise at the planning stage;
  • Axis Professional Provide you with a comprehensive Fire Design Report;
  • Axis Professional Provide ongoing related support during tender and construction if required;
  • Axis Professional Fire Safety Design Report includes the relevant manufacturers specification sheets for the systems and products required within your project;
  • Axis Professional Fire Safety Design Report includes where appropriate drawings and details for the Means of Escape, Fire Rating Requirements, Emergency Lighting and Fire Exit Signage.
  • Axis Professional can Project manage relative quoting/tender and installation processes for all aspects of the Fire Safety, including; Liaison with city and district councils to identify and facilitate the management of all relevant requirements in order to provide the best solution to our clients;
  • Axis Professional ensure building owners or representatives have understanding of their ongoing building fire safety requirements;
  • Axis Professional provides a nationwide service;


Axis Professional provides a fast, efficient and professional service delivering a range of benefits:

  • Highest professional standards
  • Fast turn-around
  • Flexible and tailored service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Bound copies of the full Fire Report in plain English complete with
    • Means of Escape Plan,
    • Fire Rating Plan,
    • Emergency Lighting Plan, and
    • Fire Exit Signage Plans as applicable.
    • Committed to ongoing training


In today’s fast paced and complicated business world, compliance and building costs have to be monitored very closely to ensure the modern business is successful and profitable, as well as being a safe place for staff and the public.

That’s where we can offer you our project management and consulting services. We can on your behalf manage a project professionally and objectively to ensure the project budgets are not exceeded and all the legal, building, fire and compliance requirements are met, whilst delivering you the productive service you have requested.

Our objective is to achieve this with minimal disruption to your business leaving you to do what your good at.

We liaise & work with The NZ Fire Service with regards general fire safety

We believe we offer a high level of professional service that will be in line with our client’s expectations.