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By: Avj  06-Dec-2011
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Care 0f Your Jewellery    

Clean your jewellery in warm soapy water, with a soft brush, like a baby’s toothbrush. Dry with a soft towel, and lint free cloth.    

One reason precious stones are so valuable is they are extremely hard, and this is why they can last for thousands of years. However, improper storage can turn this plus into a minus by damaging your jewellery.

Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires are much harder than gold, silver, and all other stones. Consequently, these stones will easily scratch surfaces, causing other pieces to appear worn and flawed over time. Diamonds can scratch anything, including other Diamonds, and Rubies & Sapphires can scratch everything except Diamonds, including other Rubies and Sapphires. But if you just keep each piece clean and separate then your jewellery will appear like new always, and it will bring you and your heirs’ pleasure for many, many years.    

So, store jewellery in original boxes whenever possible, in dry conditions; make sure each piece is separate, not rubbing together, wrap in a tissue or invest in some little mini-grip plastic bags if need be, available at most stationary stores (do not store pearls in plastic bags).    

Remove jewellery, especially rings, when:

  • Using Body lotions (creams and lotions get under the stones and harden, making them very difficult to clean out, and greatly affect the beauty of the gemstone).
  • Gardening, housework, etc, any activity where dirt can cause abrasion to the piece, and get under the stones as above.
  • Baking, especially scones, crumbing, or making meat balls, etc (these things are also very difficult to clean out from under the stones).
  • Swimming, especially at pools, as the chlorine in the water can do a lot of damage and discolour your jewellery, and you risk your jewellery falling off and loosing it.

Diamonds have a special affinity to oil and grease, which coats the stone, making every speck of dust stick to it. As you can imagine, this does nothing to enhance the light, fire, and beauty of the Diamond! Regular cleaning as described is essential to keeping your Diamond sparkling forever.    

Avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaners, which can crack or craze fragile stones, like Emerald and Opal, and they can weaken delicate settings.

Do not use any abrasive cleaners, cream cleansers, chlorine based bleach products on your jewellery. Ammonia based products, e.g. window cleaner, dish detergent, and ethyl-alcohol is good. Silver Dip is especially good against any tarnish, but porous and organic stones (e.g. turquoise, pearls, Paua Shell) can be badly damaged by this product. For Silver jewellery containing these vulnerable stones, you can put a little Silver Dip on a soft cloth, paper towel, or cotton bud, and gently wipe the silver, rinsing in water immediately.      

Pearls and Beads    

Pearls are an organic gemstone, and the surface is very susceptible to chemical damage, and the silk thread used to string them is also delicate.

They must be kept in dry conditions, but avoid too much heat to stop them drying out, or they will become brittle and can crack.    

Always remove pearls and beads when applying hairspray, perfume, body lotions, and cosmetics, before showering/bathing, and sleeping to avoid the string from deterioration and breaking. Pearls and beads should be checked at least every two years for sting damage.     Wipe pearls on a soft cloth after wear, and store flat, wrapped in soft material. Take care that they do not rub against anything else in your jewellery box. Do not store Pearls in plastic bags.

Keywords: Jewellery

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