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By: Avivet  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Poultry, Vaccination

Post mortem diagnostic services

“ for every diagnosis that is missed through not knowing,

ten are missed through not looking”

Post mortem examinations carried out in the compact Avivet laboratory are among the most thorough available anywhere in the world.  See some of the links to our most interesting cases

 Field post mortem Tigray


Vaccination and medication programmes

Let Avivet design a vaccination and medication programme that recognizes the unique challenges your birds face every day.  Insurance vaccines and Assurance vaccines – read about a novel concept in vaccination planning.

In the area of medication supply, we ensure that clients have access to the most suitable formulations available.


  Nutritional Diagnostics

Although diet formulation is best entrusted to a professional nutritionist, nutritional diagnostics focuses on situations where birds are not performing to expectations and the complex linkages between infectious disease, nutritional inadequacy and toxic agents need to be unraveled.

 Pancreatic fibrosis will mimic a nutritional problem

Avivet also maintains a database of tropical feed ingredients to make best use of local  ingredients in low-cost alternate rations.

  Local fish meal production, Ethiopia

Auditing and evaluation services

Neil has a JASANZ auditing qualification that is put to use in the following areas:

Ruminant Protein Control Programmes

The opportunities afforded by the dairy boom, has resulted in feed mills wanting to meet this demand, whilst continuing to offer the poultry customers the benefits of animal proteins in their diets.  We can help you through the process.

Feed Mill Accreditation

Auditing to the New Zealand Feed Manufacturer’s Association’s standards aimed at ensuring mills meet customer RMP supplier requirements. Salmonella monitoring and control programmes

Risk Management programmes and food safety

Neil Christensen became an evaluator of risk management programmes under New Zealand’s Animal Products Act 1999, to ensure that clients make the most of what is an unavoidable compliance requirement. Layer farms no longer need evaluation of their RMPs provided they follow the template provided by the NZFSA. Download the latest template using the link.

Farm Biosecurity and Welfare Audits

Staff Training

Post mortem diagnostic training for farm staff, veterinary and service personnel.

Each of these three groups has a different focus in what it needs to get from the post mortem process.  Suitable recording sheets have been developed for farm staff of different types of farm.

Drug registration work

We have experience in field and laboratory trials of anticoccidials and vaccines for poultry sheep and pigs.  We maintain cultures of coccidian oocysts for these trials.

Healthy Free Range Hens

International focus

Although most work is carried out in New Zealand, increasing international focus through clients in Fiji and customer service work in other Pacific Islands.  Experience in Africa, Arabia and Bangladesh through work for FAO and British aid programmes, Neil can be relied on to provide a practical assessment of poultry performance problems and usable advice in any developing/tropical country situation.

 Post- Mortem training for DVO Manikganj, Bangladesh

Keywords: Poultry, Vaccination