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By: Aviation Nz  06-Dec-2011
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New Zealand is a clear choice when it comes to the provision of aviation services. This directory links customers with the expertise they are seeking.

Airport Development

Current airport development projects currently underway are:

New Zealand has a professional commercial aerospace industry made up of capable and entrepreneurial companies. The quality of work produced by these companies, whether it is product or service related, can be attested to by its international customer base and recognition, approvals and certifications from OEMs and aviation regulators.

Capabilities include modification of the world’s most sophisticated aircraft, complete design and build of small military and general aviation aircraft, component manufacturing in metal and composite materials; air traffic control and navigation systems; and flight training for pilots, engineers and cabin crew. There is also proven expertise in airport development, aircraft management, construction and fit-out.

New Zealand industry exhibits OECD-level competencies as a user and maintainer of technologies at very competitive costs. The aviation industry is emerging as a developer and implementer of new applied technologies including titanium. New Zealand has developed a first-world capability in many facets of aerospace, with 14 aviation design and 22 aviation manufacturing organisations certified by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

The well-educated and highly trained professionals throughout the aviation industry are recognised for their skill, innovation, flexibility, and depth of knowledge about aviation technologies.

New Zealand’s streamlined and highly functional infrastructure allows companies to enter into business relationships and conclude deals unencumbered by bureaucracy and corruption.

New Zealand offers a range of products and aviation services in key industry sub-sectors, including:

• – fixed wing and helicopters, and fit-outs
• and manufacturing services, including engines and propellers
Airport development, design, building and construction and fit-out
Airport baggage handling and sorting systems
Aircraft construction
Aircraft restoration

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Keywords: Aircraft, Aircraft Management, Airport Development, Aviation Industry, Aviation Services, Flight Training