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By: Autoresponder And Bulk Email Software  06-Dec-2011

After a search we did to the internet and to similar programs we have realized it would be better if we gave the option to the users to decide what information they would need to keep, and also in how many mailing lists they would like to group their subscribers in.

This was the .
After the success of this version we have decided to build the ultimate system, to cover every need a webmaster or an e-zine publisher would have.

Imagine a system that will allow you to built it from the beginning, pick the information you want to have, group your members the way you want and also make it check and add, edit or remove subscribers from your list, send auto-replies to your consumers, send follow up messages to promote your product and send your e-zine automatically?

Wouldn't that save you a lot of time? Time you can use for other marketing efforts, or spend with your family?

And all these without exhausting your pocketbook!

This system is the .

eMailer2001 combines all the following features in order to automate your job.
eMailer2001 ver 2.20 combines three programs. The eMailer, the Scheduler and the SpamChecker.

This is the program that helps you handle your mailing lists, the members of your lists, templates for pre-written messages and filters for the automatic processes.

  • Use the Wizard to guide you step by step, in order to create the system the way you want it, easily and efficiently
  • Handle Mailing Lists
    • Build as many different mailing lists as you need
    • Group your lists
    • Organize your customers and your prospects in order to get better results with your product's promotion
    • Choose up to 19 custom fields that you want your list to have. In this way you keep the information that you are interested in, you can be more aware of your prospects needs and you can send personalized e-mails
    • Full control to add, modify, view or delete any member of your list
    • Keep log file and be informed when a member of your list has subscribed or unsubscribed automatically from a list and who
    • Import data to your mailing list from other programs' address books and export your data to be used by other programs automatically
    • Give default values to the fields of your list in order to send more professional personalized e-mails
  • Use templates to create, modify, view or delete pre-written messages that will be used for your automatic reply, your newsletter or even your follow up messages
  • Use the field names of your list as reserved words in your templates
  • Send Your E-zine
    • Give to your e-zine a professional look
    • Personalize the subject and the message of your e-mail
    • Send your e-zine to the members of your list in HTML or in Text format
    • Send your e-zine up to 10 times faster than an e-mail client program
    • Reach all of your members by checking before you send the e-mail if it can pass the spam-filters of your members' e-mail programs
    • Re-send your e-zine only to those who didn't receive it because of connection problems
    • Choose the built-in or your ISP's mailserver to send your e-zine
    • protect your members privacy and your lists from internet viruses
  • Define Your SMTP And POP3 Settings
  • Check if you can connect with your ISP
  • Change the settings fast and easily in case you 've changed your ISP
  • Use the filter wizards in order to trigger the Scheduler to
    • Create new subscriptions
    • Edit subscriptions
    • Send auto-reply messages
    • Create Follow Up Filters


  • Handle Tasks
    • Schedule to load and run not only the program's processes, but also any program there is in your computer the time you specify
    • Organize and automate your job
  • Check and add new subscribers to your list, automatically
  • Check and remove those who asked to be removed from your list, automatically
  • Check and edit the details of an already existing member of your list, automatically
  • Update the Log File in order to be informed for any change always
  • Send Auto-Replies to inform your prospects or your customers that you have received their e-mails and to show them that you are interested and care for them
  • Handle Follow Up Messages
    • Check and add for new subscriptions to your follow up list
    • Check and remove for un-subscriptions from your follow up list
    • Send one message after another to your prospects, the days you choose
    • Remind them of your presence, offer them a gift or a discount, promote your product, inform them of your product's benefits and finally turn them into loyal customers, automatically
  • Runs From Your Computer
    • No need to rent any costly WEB Server and to worry about server's downtime or other technicalities
    • Runs with the confidence and the security of your own computer
    • Full control over your lists; it is you who will decide when to let the program do the work for you and when you want to do it manually


    Use it to check if the message you intent to send to your subscribers can pass the filters they probably use in order to avoid Spamming.

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