Horizontal Mixer Clean in Place Systems

By: Automation Design  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Pump, Mixer

New Zealand Patent 561933
International PCT Patent Application PCT/NZ/2008/000252

ECS Engineering has developed a Clean in Place (CIP) system for horizontal style industrial dough mixers.

The system consists of two fluid driven rotating nozzles permanently mounted to the mixer canopy with automatic lid closers and an automatic insertion/retraction mechanism. A high pressure pump delivers water to the rotating cleaning heads that move through 360ยบ giving full coverage through the mixer bowl.

The pump can be mounted up to 60 metres (200 feet) from the mixer.

A single pump can be used to serve several mixers.

Key Features

  • Significant reduction in downtime and associated labour savings.
  • Controlled quantities of water used
  • Consistent clean eliminating variations associated with operator technique
  • Fluid driven high pressure cleaning heads with ceramic nozzles
  • Automatic insertion/retraction of cleaning nozzles
  • Integrated Automatic bowl drain to control discharge of water to eliminate water on floor
  • Integrated with control and safety systems for safe operation
  • Optional solids waste collection unit
  • Reduction in waste disposal costs


Typical Cycle Time:
- 180sec. Standard wash
- 360 sec. Allergen wash

Water Pressure:
- 2000 - 3000psi

Water usage:
- 50gal. Standard wash
- 100gal. Allergen wash

Keywords: Mixer, Pump

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