Autoline | MayTec Profile System

By: Autoline Automation  06-Dec-2011

The tough and durable MayTec Profile systems from Autoline Automation give you high performance in a variety of automation fields.

MayTec extrusions are extremely strong without being extremely heavy, making MayTec profile systems easy to assemble, disassemble and move around. All MayTec systems feature easy construction too, requiring just a 5mm hex key.

One of the key advantages of Maytec is that it is totally vibration-proof, which means consistent performance whatever the task.

  • STRONG – powerful connectors mean a system capable of high performance even in the toughest of settings.
  • VERSATILE – Designed to suit your needs and easily customizable.
  • DEPENDABLE – Vibration-proof operation equals consistent high performance, MayTec profile systems will not shake loose during operation.

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If you need Roller Conveyors, be it gravity rollers, powered rollers, or ball transfers with multi-directional functionality, you can’t go past the RollPro Conveyor range. This high quality, New Zealand made range of conveyors are exceptionally durable, very versatile and can be customized to suit your needs. Gravity & Powered Roller Conveyors.


Autoline | AluPro Conveyor Systems

The most common Conveyor is only 60mm thick and the outside belt running option lets the belt run right to the edge with minimal pinch points that require guarding. Using the Maytec Profile System, which offers very simple construction, Alupro provides strong and durable performance in the conveyor and belt conveyor market.


Gratis Guard Modular Safety Fencing

The Gratis Guard modular safety system is fully customizable, using our Slot Profiles machine guarding is much simpler as the guards can be taken apart and reassembled using many options to suit virtually any situation. Autoline Automation’s Gratis Guard modular safety system provides security and strength to protect you or your staff during machinery operations.


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The IP54 enclosure comes as standard with the range and the rugged construction makes these the ideal units for light to medium duty applications for businesses dealing in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, abrasives or plastics industries. LONG LIFE – Epoxy-encapsulated coil and magnet eliminates coil movement, extending trouble-free coil life, and fibreglass springs give long life and are not subject to corrosion.


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Suitable for uses in food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics and the like; all three levels of ProGrade magnets are available in grate, plate, tube and trap assemblies and all comply with HAACP regulations to guarantee the safety of your operation too. Assemblies feature stainless steel construction, high-power rare earth magnets with demanding attention to welds and finish.ProGrade ‘Xtreme Rare’ Earth power is the ultimate in process purity.


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Eriez, world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory, and inspection applications, offers powerful magnetic solutions for use in heavy industrial applications, such as in recycling plants, mining and quarry work. Eriez’ range of Suspended Electromagnets, metal detectors and eddy current separators can detect or remove tramp iron from materials during your production process.