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By: Aurum Survey Consultants  05-Apr-2012
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Farm Surveying services include:

Paddock Areas

If you need to know the area of a paddock, we have GPS equipment that will provide a quick and accurate measurement. We can determine plan view area, or make accurate measurements to determine the increase in area where the paddock is not flat.

Farm Maps

We can provide detailed farm maps by sourcing and combining aerial photographs with surveyed information and legal boundaries. We can work with you to determine and detail paddock sizes, paddock names and record other relevant information (like the location of buried irrigation pipes); this provides an accurate record of your property.

Construction set out

If you’re setting up some vines or perhaps a large irrigation project, you will understand the importance of getting things in the correct spot…and that is our favourite pastime. We have all of the necessary equipment and materials to tell you where you are and where you’re heading. Whether it’s the angle of your vine rows or the obstructions to your irrigator, we can do that without fuss or delay.

Site surveys (ground levels / topographical information)

If you have a project in mind, or simply want a map of your property, we can provide detailed site plans tailored to your requirements.

Typically a site survey will include ground levels (contours), visible features (trees, fences, buildings), buried services (where records are available) and boundaries.

Our modern survey equipment allows efficient and accurate data capture, utilising GPS equipment for large open spaces, and the latest theodolites to measure those hard to reach places…measuring to the tip of a tree is made easy with point and shoot technology.

Output can also be tailored to suit, from large format paper plots, to detailed digital files compatible with your software.

Boundary adjustments

Adjusting a boundary line can be a detailed process, involving resource consent from the Council, formal survey plans to the approval of Land Information NZ, and your solicitor to request new titles for the affected land parcels. Each situation is unique, and we have the expertise to step you through the process and advise likely cost.

Boundary location

Finding your property boundary with accuracy can be difficult and misidentified or disturbed boundary pegs are all too common. The local authority (Council) is also likely to have rules on how close you are allowed to your boundary with certain activities (like building or earthworks).

The results of a misguided assumption can be costly if you get it wrong.

Our team have access to the necessary survey plans and documents, along with the qualifications to locate your boundary and eliminate your guesswork. If you’re building a boundary fence, or constructing close to a boundary, give us a call.


If you need to secure rights over another parties land, you’re probably going to need an easement. Typical examples are for power cables, water lines or vehicle accesses (right of way) that cross over your neighbour… if you don’t legally register your agreement then you could be cut off in the future. A gentleman’s hand shake will fall short when your neighbour sells up and moves on.

Typically a surveyor is required to dimension the area (that you need rights over) on a formal survey plan and have that approved at Land Information NZ. Our Licensed Cadastral Surveyors have the necessary qualifications to provide the survey plans that will allow your solicitor to legally register an easement on your title.

Resource consent applications /
District Plan advice

If you are looking to subdivide, build a house, undertake earthworks, (the list goes on) it is likely you will be caught by a rule in the District Plan … so long story short, you’ll need resource consent from the Council.

Our staff have extensive knowledge of the resource consent process and requirements of the Queenstown Lakes District Council District Plan. If you have a project in mind, come and see us and we can provide advice on the likely implications with respect to the Resource Management Act. We can also provide the necessary application forms, prepare consent applications on your behalf, and provide advice on who else you can talk to in order to progress your proposal.

Earthworks modelling and volumes

If you are planning on digging a hole, often for budgeting and resource consent applications there is a requirement to model and determine the earthworks quantities. Our survey team can measure the existing ground levels, then using our specialist survey software we can computer model the finished ground profile. Comparison between existing ground and proposed ground will provide the earthworks depths, areas and volumes that you, your contractors and the Council will want to know.

As-built surveys

If you bury something, Murphy’s Law states you’ll need to dig it up again, but only at the point in time when you’ve forgotten where you buried it! That’s where we can help…a quick measurement before you cover things up can save lots of time down the track.

It’s also typical for your local Council to require digital as-built files (to their specification) for installation of services associated with land development. We can measure and provide the digital information to the necessary standard.

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