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By: Aurac  05-Apr-2012

Orientation Week (27 Feb - 2 Mar)

So next week we have beginners nights at the rec centre Tuesday and Thursday as well as our usual club night on Wednesday. All are welcome to come to these but be warned that the Tuesday and Thursday especially will be particularly busy. Also anyone who wants to come along and meet beginners and help supervise is more than welcome. We'll also likely go out for a bite and a drink after each of these nights.

We'll also have slacklining set up from 4 pm in Albert park on Wednesday for anyone keen to hang out in the sun for a while.

Monday and Friday we of course have extreme edge as normal.

Second Week (5 - 9 Mar)

This week will be the same as first week except we will (most likely) be at the quarry on Tuesday and Thursday. We are still getting confirmation regarding access for the club so we will keep you posted.

Third Week (12 - 16 Mar) Orientation Trip!

Back to the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine from here on in.. EXCEPT O-trip will be this weekend, heading down Friday night, climbing Saturday before heading to Jones Landing for dinner and a bit of a party. Climbing Sunday and heading back Sunday evening. Sign ups will be $5 off during O week so make sure to sign up then.

Orientation trip is $35 during O week, $40 afterwards. money goes towards petrol, dinner on Saturday night and the bolting fund to make sure we keep getting new climbs to play on! Be sure to sign up and I'll see you all there.



The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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Details from the SGM - Auckland University Rock & Alpine Club

Hey guys, in case you were unable to make club night on the 21st March 2011, this is just to let you know that an SGM (special general meeting) was held where we voted in Geraden Cann as Memberships Officer -due to the previous on leaving the committee due to other commitments. This position was awarded to Jean-Baptiste Natali Ginoux, voted in by all present at the meeting.