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By: Aura-soma  06-Dec-2011

Understanding how colour affects our thoughts, moods and even emotions is not new; many ancient civilizations understood how colour and light affected our entire well-being. today, we continue to recognise the effects of colour and light; soft blues being restful, while bright reds and yellows can lift our spirits on a dull day.

The Aura-Soma Colour-Care System brings together these 'colour energies' at a profound level. It brings together colour fro many aspects of the natural world; minerals, crystals, herbs and plants combine to create a complete colour package.

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Equilibrium - Aura-Soma® New Zealand Store

Within these two fractions may be found the essential oils and herbal extracts of the plant kingdom, in combination with the energies of crystals and gems from the mineral kingdom and the energies of colour and light. She felt the Equilibrium was a mirror to the soul enabling the individual to recognise in their colour choices as a reflection of their deeper aspects.


Pomanders - Aura-Soma® New Zealand Store

Each Pomander works with the vibration of Colour, Crystals and Plant extracts to cleanse, clear and protect your electromagnetic field and space. Each of us are attracted to different smells, like we are attracted to different colours. Scent accesses an ancient part of us through the limbic system of the brain. Throughout history scents and vapours have been used to purify atmospheres.


Quintessences - Aura-Soma® New Zealand Store

Their function is to invoke the most positive energies of the colour ray to which they are related into the energy field around the body. The beautiful floral essences of the Quintessences can reconnect us with our true essence and so helps us feel uplifted. The AURA-SOMA® Quintessence’s bring a more subtle energy into the AURA-SOMA system.


Colour Essences - Aura-Soma® New Zealand Store

They have a centering quality that facilities our connection to the earth, that helps us to be practical and to ground our full being in our intended creative endeavors. They form a contact between the mental and emotional subtle energy of the upper and lower astral and electromagnetic fields immediately around the physical body.


Incense - Aura-Soma® New Zealand Store

Each stick burns for around 30 minutes, use as often as desired, allowing the subtle sent and energies to waft through your space. The Aura-Soma Incense are an ideal way to cleanse, clear, and energise the spaces you work and live in. Each incenses comes in a cylindrical tin with wooden incense stick holder and 30 incense sticks. Each Pomander and Quintessence comes in an Incense.