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By: Titoki Healing Centre  06-Dec-2011

Biblical Principles for Theophostic Prayer Ministry

Theophostic Prayer Ministry is built upon many biblical concepts and principles.  Below are a few passages upon which this form of ministry rests and operates.  These verses are not intended to proof-text TPM or to "find TPM in the Scriptures", but rather present various principles of God's Word and how TPM relates to these principles.  It is fully understood and acknowledged that all Scripture must be interpreted in its proper context and first be understood by its literal meaning.  It is also understood that though Scripture has only one true contextual interpretation it may have many applications that can be drawn from the principles found therein.

This does not mean that we can take the liberty to make the Bible say whatever we want it to say, for we cannot.  However, the Bible does contain many principles that can be applied to a sundry of multifarious applications that step outside of its literal meaning and contextual interpretation.  This practice is seen in most every application of Christian ministry found in the world today.

For a biblical example of this practice, the writer of the Old Testament declares that one should not muzzle the oxen as it thrashes out the wheat (Deut. 25:4).  The literal meaning of this passage is simple, "let the oxen eat while he works."  However the Apostle Paul comes later and observes a principle in this passage that is applicable for dealing with financial compensation for church leadership. Here the Apostle steps outside of the literal meaning of the passage and makes an application of the principle found in the Old Testament passage. (1Cor. 9:9-12).  In the same way, TPM draws from the principles of God's Word and seeks to make valid applications of these principles.

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Many people come to Titoki for ministry and healing prayer spending a few days to experience God’s healing touch for emotional past and historic wounds in their lives.A weekly chapel service for worship, healing prayer and communion is held each Wednesday morning at 10.00am in the chapel. Titoki Healing Centre exists to offer people opportunities to experience wholeness, enrichment and transformation of life through Jesus Christ..


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