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By: Kick Buster  06-Dec-2011
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The KickBuster will hold the cow’s tail in an upward position, so you are free to put the cups on or treat mastitis.

The KickBuster works on the principal of manipulation of the muscle and nerves on the backbone by lifting up the tail. This is an ideal tool for a one-man operation. It can save up to ½ an hour milking time through calving.

How to use the KickBuster:

  • Place the cow’s tail in the cradle then hook onto an overhead wire or top bar above the bumrail and adjust tail height in right position.
  • Apply just enough pressure to settle the animal down.
  • The weight of the tail will lock the cradle in position.

To undo the KickBuster:

  • Lift tail out of cradle.
  • Ensure cows on a rotary platform cannot back out unless the KickBuster is removed.

If there’s no bar above the bumrail in a herringbone shed, a wire can be put up across the support beams to hang the KickBuster on.

We can customize the KickBuster length to your sheds requirements. Available in 70cm,100cm.

Our latest addition is a bumrail clamp, which make it possible to support the KickBuster on the bumrail.

Selling price:

KickBuster 70cm - $65  + postage
KickBuster Plus - 1m - $70  + postage

Bumrail clamp $20


North Island - $7.50
South Island - $12.50

This is an image of the bumrail clamp


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Keywords: Cradle, Postage