By: Bayrock  05-Apr-2012
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Def Leppard’s Phil Collen on New Man Raze Album: ‘It’s Like Your iPod’

Sure, Phil Collen rocks the six-string for blockbuster ’80s group Def Leppard, but nowadays, he’s also making heavy sounds in Man Raze. The supergroup features Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and former Girl bass player Simon Laffy.

Man Raze’s latest album, PunkFunkRootsRock, goes well beyond arena rock fare with a mix of sounds that’s hard to pinpoint. That’s the point, though. As Collen explains, the guys picked the moniker PunkFunkRootsRock because it perfectly fit the eclectic character of the album’s songs.

“Paul Cook, our drummer, … he was like ‘it’s a bit punky, it’s a bit funky,’ and then he was like ‘wow PunkFunkRootsRock,’” Collen told Ultimate Classic Rock. “The great thing about Man Raze is that, being in Def Leppard for 30 years this year, obviously we have a style and you can’t really stray too far from it. Otherwise fans get very emotional, they get upset and so with Man Raze it’s a great excuse to just go where you feel.

“There’s definitely rock stuff, there’s reggae stuff on there, we like blurring the lines. It’s like your iPod, if you have shuffle, you just don’t only listen to one type of music all day, hopefully, you’ve got to be a bit more diverse so that’s really what that’s about and the title sums it up.”

Collen says he gets a kick out of playing in Man Raze because he’s able to “go left field” in ways he can’t in Def Leppard. “With Def Leppard, we have to think about it, we can’t go off and do whatever we wanted, which we used to be able to,” he said. “With the Man Raze thing, it’s more like that, it’s that spirit, with Def Leppard we’d love to go left field but you just can’t. I do love them both, like the last gig I played was Wembley Arena and that was sold out and it was killer, it was super cool and I’m sure we’ll be back in a club. It’s neat.”

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