Seel Sound Audio Mackie, Bose, Sennheiser

By: Seel Sound  06-Dec-2011

My Service

Some companies will tell you all about their gear and nothing about their service.  For those that want to know about my gear, it's good, in fact it's very good (if you really want to know it's at the bottom of this page), but I think my service and talents are far more important to the success of your event.

One of the first things I suggest we do is get together.  I need to find out more about you and what you want for your event and you need to feel comfortable that I can deliver for you.  I will listen to your requests and ensure they are integrated into the final programme.   Having spent over 20 years in the audio visual and entertainment industry, I've just about seen it all.  I can guide you in what I know works and what has been shall we say 'less than successful'.  

When you hire me, you don't just get a DJ or equipment provider, you get someone that cares about the success of your event as much as you do.  My job is to ensure everything runs smoothly, your guests or audience are taken care of and you can relax and enjoy the event.

I can assist you with your event planning, coordinate with your other chosen event professionals and provide you with a full run sheet to ensure your event runs smoothly.  

Additional Services:

DVD Pre-Production and presentation:  Add some special touches with photo's put to music or congratulations from someone that cannot attend.

Audio recordings:  Pre record your special messages to create impact for a grand entrance and to add special touches during the event

Karaoke:  Add another dimension to your event, mix some karaoke in with the rest of the music.

My Gear

High quality professional Audio and Lighting equipment not only sounds and looks good - you can rely on it to work!



Geni Spyro

Nightsun DMX Intelligent Scanners

Fog Machines and DMX Hazer

Mirrorball and DMX colour changer

Rope lights

UV Blacklights

100mW Green DMX Laser

80mW Red Laser

Twinkling Lasers

DMX 1500W Strobe

Selecon Rama 7" HP Fresnels

LED PAR 56 and Par 64 cans

PAR 56 Cans with colour frames

PR Lighting Pro Par Spot/Floods

Theatrelight dimmer

Simple 240 channel DMX Desk

Light Factory PC based DMX software with USB-DMX interface

Martin Mini Mac Moving Head Lights


Hi brightness XGA Data Projectors

42" Full HD LCD Displays and stands

Tripod, Pullup or Framed Screens

Laptops with remote mouse and laser pointer

Composite or S-Video to XGA Scan converter

Manual VGA Switch

KVM switch

CAVS SuperCDG Karaoke Player

Sony DVD Player

19"-22" LCD Monitors

Canon XM2 3ccd DV Professional Video Camera

Pioneer Hard Disc Recorder

Theming and Conference

White Draping

Various Pillars and Plinths

Assortment of  Vases and containers

Truss Towers with white or black sleeves

Electronic Whiteboard

Tablet PC's