Clivus Multrum. CM8, CM10, CM14, CM20, CM40.

By: Waterless Composting Toilets NZ Ltd  12-Dec-2011
Keywords: Sustainability, Natural, Organic

The Clivus Multrum concept was the first compost toilet in the world when it was developed in Sweden in the 1930’s, and the name itself translates as ‘inclining compost room.’ It is a self-contained waterless, odourless, toilet treatment system, using no chemicals, heat or water, and has no polluting discharge. It can save over 60,000 litres of water per year in the average home and costs far less than regular treatment systems. It is based on one of the oldest principles in nature – simple organic decomposition. The process works on a similar principal as an ordinary garden compost bin. Waste is collected in the composting chamber, along with carbon rich material such as wood shavings and garden clipping to obtain good carbon/nitrogen ratio for composting. Here the materials gradually decompose in the chamber’s aerated environment. Baffles and air channels in the tank control air flow and this accelerates the composting process. The end product is simply removed via a hatch at the front of the composting tank and can be dug into the garden. In domestic circumstances this is usually necessary only once or twice year, even up to two years. After a year or more in the processor the compost is safe to handle, has a fresh earthy smell, and looks and feels like ordinary garden compost. The Clivus is the most reliable and efficient composting toilet because of its superior design. Purpose made for a continuous composting process; an aerated micro-environment is crucial to any composting process and is maintained through the ventilation fan and air channels through the compost pile. This unique system ensures complete decomposition of the humanure during its long residence in the chamber. A large inspection door is also unique to the Clivus and allows the user to easily check that the system is functioning efficiently. Also, access to the old and new compost is kept separate by the front baffle. The older, fully composted material settles to the bottom of the chamber where it is easily removed via front access hatch.

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