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by Marko Nuich (aged 14 years old)

Football in New Zealand: A Player’s Perspective (written by Marko Nuich, aged 14 years old) is a complete and informative guide to youth football development in New Zealand. It is believed to be the first book of its kind in this country – a book for young footballers, written by a young footballer. The book is targeted at players aged 12-17, these being the crucial development years of a footballer. The book came about as part of the International Baccalaureate Middle School Programme and because of the writer’s deep passion for football.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without football – some people may say that’s extreme..I call it passionate!” This book provides the young footballers of New Zealand with the knowledge and understanding of how to succeed in the New Zealand football environment. By understanding and developing all aspects of the ‘beautiful game’, together with determination and dedication, today’s Small Whites may be tomorrow’s All Whites!

“I would like to acknowledge the time and effort that Marko has dedicated to compiling this book that can only support the continual inspiration of all young footballers around our country” – Ricki Herbert, NZ All Whites Head Coach.

Keywords: Events, Football, Functions, Sports, Weddings

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Croatian Cultural Society of NZ (Inc). - Hrvatsko kulturno drustvo NZ. (Croatian Club - designer

Many of the ranges were reminiscent of the 80s, with pipe-leg pants, exaggerated shoulder pads, jodhpur pants, riding boots and lots of black and white. Galas, who has competed in fashion competitions in China and Europe, praised the Dunedin awards. The fashion here is of a very high standard..


Croatian Cultural Society of NZ (Inc). - Hrvatsko kulturno drustvo NZ. (Croatian Club - Predstavljena knjiga Sep

Sve je to uhvaceno na slikama – sa svakom sam slikom plakala – plakala sam zbog ?ena i djece, zbog hrvatskih vojnika, zbog majci tih vojnika, i zbog razaranja predivnih djela arhitekture – bilo je to nekoliko jako emocionalnih godina. Britanija i Bleibur?ka Tragedija nije napisana kako bi se kritizirala Hrvatska, niti je bila namjenjena zapisivanju hrvatske povijesti pro?loga stoljeca.