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Croatian designer wins top iD fashion prize


Croatian fashion designer Igor Galas took the major prize of $5000 and direct entry into the Mittelmoda fashion show in Italy at the iD Emerging Designer Awards in Dunedin last night.

It is the first time anyone from Croatia has entered the awards. Galas, who has competed in fashion competitions in China and Europe, praised the Dunedin awards.

"I think this competition is so much better and much stronger. The other designers are all of a high quality."

He believed more designers from Europe would attend the awards because it was gaining such a good reputation internationally.

Ryota Shiga, of Japan, won the $3000 second prize, while British designer Ichiro Suzuki took the $1000 third prize.

Auckland University's Sandra Tupu ($2500) and Glenn Yungnickel won the sustainability and Pulp Magazine awards respectively. The jewellery prize was won by Australian Paula Kyle Walden ($1000).

Whitecliffe College of Art and Design graduate Brooke Fairgray won the three-month residency with the Dunedin Fashion Incubator.

In its sixth year, the awards offer a glimpse into the future of some of the world's most talented designers.

International fashion designer and judge Zandra Rhodes was also impressed with the standard. "The fashion here is of a very high standard."

This year there a record number of international designers applied to participate in the awards.

Galas' range consisted of woollen headgear with long woven dreadlocks hanging almost to the ground, and ruched backs, similar to dinosaur ridges.

Many of the ranges were reminiscent of the 80s, with pipe-leg pants, exaggerated shoulder pads, jodhpur pants, riding boots and lots of black and white.

Neutral colours were also prominent, with the exception of several fluorescent red and pink mini dresses.

There was greater diversity of individual garments and designers showed a lot of creativity, using buttons, can tear-tabs, curtain rings and doilies.

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Croatian Cultural Society of NZ (Inc). - Hrvatsko kulturno drustvo NZ. (Croatian Club - news

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