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By: Inner Child Therapy - Seeds of Hope Wellness Centre  06-Sep-2012
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In a fast paced media driven world, people are increasingly overwhelmed, stressed, and disconnected, that Psychologists are now finally recognising that inner child processes are important aspects for healing, but find it hard to let down their professional status to deliver the much needed care that heart-centred therapies require. Moreover, many therapists have not fully healed their issues, and are often triggered themselves, and therefore, do not connect with their clients effectively. INNER CHILD THERAPY IS EFFECTIVE FOR: Abuse, Trauma, Grief, Isolation, Victimisation, Low Self-Worth, Those who feel that their current therapist is emotionally cold & professionally distant. Psyhotherists who find their current therapy is not heart-centred enough to work at deeper levels of healing. HOW CAN INNER CHILD THERAPY HELP ME? Inner Child Therapy is different from other therapies, and works where others fail, because it works at a very gentle, kind, caring level that provides support, and then teaches you how to support and re-parent yourself, so you can feel loved and whole again DO I REALLY NEED THERAPY? There is a misconception that therapy is for pathetic people, however, it takes a huge amount of courage to follow the “path less travelled” of self discovery, and the rewards are beyond riches. WHAT ABOUT MEDICATION ALONE? Medication is only a short term solution, but long term, dulls the senses & actually prevents healing, and moving forward. WHAT IS A SESSION LIKE? A session with Edward is very gentle: in the first part, Edward primarily listens and reflects back, and towards the end of the session, there are tools and exercises that help you discover your inner child, and hidden aspects to integrate your self back to wholeness and healing (homework is given too) – sessions are 1 hour. WHAT MAKES EDWARD JAMES TAGG DIFFERENT? Edward is an extraordinary therapist with a loving, kind, caring, balanced female side, who has also trained as a professional psychic, and teaches spiritual enlightenment. Edward has none of the professional ego that is prevalent is the psyhological community today. Credentials: Trained by INNER CHILD THERAPISTS: CATHRYN TAYLOR (Author of “The Inner Child Workbook”, USA, 2004) & JOHN NUTTING (Australia, 2005). TRANSPERSONAL & INTEGRATIVE THERAPY: London (1996) COUNSELLING: Didi Hirsch Mental Health Center (Suicide Prevention Crisis Center, Los Angeles graduate 1999). Psychology: 3 years (Southwalk College, London, 1995) Nirvikalpa Samadhi & Kundalini (1997) – Spiritual Enlightenment Teacher for 15 years. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: in person, telephone or skype: CALL or TEXT: Edward James Tagg at SEEDS OF HOPE WELLNESS CENTRE on 022 658 3373 or 09 479 9763 [email protected] All sessions are given with an extremely high level of professional care, integrity and respect for privacy.

Keywords: Counselling, Healing, Natural Health, Therapist, Therapy