The Couples Massage Date

The Couples Massage Date from Mauri Ora Wellness

By: Mauri Ora Wellness  19-Nov-2012
Keywords: Holistic, Healing, Aromatherapy

THE COUPLE MASSAGE DATE Needing to rekindle the fire…..or wanting to impress that special someone….. whatever the occasion….. Visualize this……your room is set for the couple date…… beautiful ambiance of candle light, music playing softly in the background, luscious coconut oil infused with sensual aromatherapy oils …. the perfect aphrodisiac for the occasion…relax into the the beautiful massage strokes of Hawaiian massage You dont have to leave your home…we will come to you…then slip away for your date to continue ……. It’s all about bonding, taking time out from everyday stress to relax and enjoy this precious moment in time…just for you both! Close you eyes and imagine this massage taking you away to a tropical island…. soaking up the warm sun, then having scented oils rubbed into your skin with endless rhythmic hand strokes over and under your body until you feel as if you are floating on clouds of everlasting euphoric bliss. Hawaiian Massage is one of the most relaxing forms of traditional massage healing for the body. It works gently yet deeply into the muscles. It helps to free the energy blockages with continuous, flowing movements, totally nurturing the body and enabling the recipient to completely relax. The pressure of the stroke is completely up to you. Please contact us and we will help you create your dream night for two. If you would prefer your date date could be held at the Mauri Ora Wellness premises, including beautiful ambiance completing your massage with a relaxing spa overlooking the Waitakeres of you wish. costs will be discussed on conclusion of your creation (This is a non sexual massage both practitioners are fully clothed and clients draped appropriately to ensure their privacy)

Keywords: Aromatherapy, Coconut Oil, Healing, Holistic, Massage Healing Well-Being Miracle of Touch Self Awareness, Rediscover Spark of Life, Release Relax Renew,

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