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By: Mauri Ora Wellness  20-Oct-2012
Keywords: Hair Treatment, Coconut Oil, Anti Aging

Coconut reigns supreme throughout the range and with its natural minerals and anti-oxidant qualities you are sure to be able to comfort minor irritations, nourish, hydrate and beautify the hair and skin. Introduce fragrance by organic oils from exotic tropical flora such as; Frangipani, Feijoa/Papaya, Tiare, Natural, Citrus and you have an enticing, irresistible concoction of skin and body treatments that will calm and relax the mind whilst rejuvenating the spirit. Not all Coconut Oil is equal! Mauri Ora Infusion is focused on pure and natural products, safe guarding the vital essence of our preparations by ensuring that the method of production is safe, hygienic, efficient and heat free, thereby preventing damage to the minerals within the oil. Pure virgin coconut oil can only be successfully obtained through a cold press method. While the products are suitable for the vast majority of skin conditions we recommend that more serious conditions or concerns should be referred to a Doctor or Skin Specialist prior to receiving a treatment or applying at home. Healthy, Revived Skin, Soft, Shiny Hair with a Calmness and Tranquillity of Mind. Mauri Ora Infusion -Natural Coconut - can be used for external or internal use...for therapists...it does not stain, it has a scrumptious aromatic smell...its quality is like no other. VIRGIN COCONUT OIL 4 Litre $176. 1 Litre $ 50. 500ml $40. 250ml $33. All prices exclusive GST COCONUT BODY BUTTER Pure indulgence in a pot, Mauri Ora Infusion ~Body Butter is truly luscious ~ it is the ultimate treatment for dry, flaky and devitalised skins. Milk proteins provide an added benefit, setting in motion firming processes to reduce the appearance of fine lines while gently soothing and calming stressed skin. The luxurious thick creamy texture makes this preparation the perfect body, hand or foot mask. Apply the body butter to the skin and wrap the area, being treated for 10-20 minutes before removing any excess with a warm compress. Body Butter is best for dry, devitalised fragile skins that require deeper nourishment and help with the ageing process. 1 Litre $122.00 500ml $66. 200ml $28. All prices exclusive GST COCONUT SUGAR SCRUB Mauri Ora Infusion ~Sugar Rub is an extraordinary two in one body treatment, a premium exfoliating salon and homecare product blending fresh sugar cane crystals and Pure Coconut Oil For more than just a physical exfoliant, naturally occurring alpha hydroxyls soften and gently lift aging skin cells, enhancing the buffing action of the sugar cane crystals. The rich and deeply moisturising coconut oil is more able to penetrate, feeding the skin with vital nutrients. The end result is a soft, smooth, beautifully protected, healthy skin. Designed for all skin types, especially good for very dry, flaky skins. How to use Place the sugar rub in a bane marine and warm the oil and sugar rub Place the appropriate amount into the palm of the hands and massage over the body part until the sugar crystals are mostly dissolved. Take a warm compress and remove excess sugar crystals. Finish with more oil for massage or wrap with body butter. COCONUT SUGAR SRUB 1 Litre $80. 500ml $44.00 200ml $27.00 All prices exclusive GST Natural.........Frangipani...........Tiare...........Citrus.........Fejoa/Papay Please contact us for further information Contact details

Keywords: Anti Aging, Coconut Oil, Hair Treatment, Sugar Scrub

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