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By: Timberfloors  06-Dec-2011
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Timber Floor Design

Almost anything you can imagine, we can do!


are able to fit boarders, patterns, inlays, logos and anything else you wish to have underneath your feet. Recently completed was the Tauranga Game and Fishing Club foyer

to see where a variety of species were used to enhance the formation of the image. If you are looking for something a little different,

for a free no-obligation consultation.

Timber Floor Supply

What goes down on your floor is only what you pay for. Unlike other companies which make you pay for what they need to make your floor (there is a difference). We can source and supply

you require,

and we will source.

Timber Floor Installation

Our Installation guarantee of 5 years applies to all floors


supply and install for you. This guarantee is designed for you the consumer, in the rare circumstances that something goes wrong, you have one person to contact instead of a long list of suppliers. So if you are thinking about getting your floors done, by getting


to complete the whole job means you have a certain

, offered no where else!

Timber Floor Finish

Our finishes are a class above many other companies. Alot of other companies use quick easy solutions that allows them to complete the job quicker but it won't last. Our

are of better quality and may take longer to complete, but are

. We use a two pot water bourne that forms a reaction that is less toxic than many heavy apoxies other companies use. We can create any finish you desire, from the fashionable white washed look, to an old weathered look which we can create using an oil-based system so it has the weathered look of old floor boards, but the maintenance characteristics of a new floor.

Keywords: Floor