Gym Roll is the perfect gym matting for all types of floor exercise, dance, gymnastics, wrestling

By: The Wholesale Matting Company  06-Dec-2011

This product is amazing!  I was so impressed when I saw a sample, it is like polystyrene meets foam rubber and WOW you get this really lightweight (even a child can carry it) easy to roll mat that is strong enough to withstand the heavy grappling of wrestlers and for practising other types of martial arts.

It was designed for gymnastics and dancer, primarily because it was originally produced only with a velour top.  Now it also comes with a vinyl top for wrestlers & martial arts - sweaty type activities.

This product is imported from the States

Either comes as a full roll (12.8m) or half roll (6.4m)

1800mm wide

35mm high

It is used at competition level for floor gymnastics, rhythmic, performing arts, trampolining, wrestling, dance, cheerleading, some martial arts and much more.

The only down side is - it is expensive but worth it and everytime we bring a shipment in the price changes

It is proving very popular for schools and community centres where multiple groups can use the mat.

We still make impact pads for pre-schoolers, gyms and now the crash mat for high jumpers and so forth.  Call 0800 64 65 66 for further information.

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