By: Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust  05-Apr-2012

Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust was established on 14 May, 1982 by the original Trustees of Pereki Witooke, David Murray, Ted Rolleston, William Gardiner, Turi Te Kani, Ron Taingahue and Johnny Taikato. The Trust was established to prevent the alienation of the land and to utilize the land as an economic base for its shareholders. The Trust is based on Rangiwaea Island and is responsible for the development of an economic business based on the utilization of its land for horticultural, agricultural and pastoral purposes. The major achievements of the Trust to date are:

  1. Establishing a self sustaining, profitable business entity;
  2. Returning profits to the owners in the form of grants and dividends;
  3. Retention of ownership of Rangiwaea Island.

The Trusts shareholders are the owners of the land. Tauwhao Te Ngare’s assets are:

  1. Land;
  2. The activities relating to the business e.g. plant and machinery, materials (kiwifruit, fencing, etc) and production (i.e. vines, trees, etc).

The land blocks administered by Tauwhao Te Ngare were amalgamated in 1982 and are as follows:

  • Paeroa
  • Rangiwaea
  • Tauranga
  • Otehutu
  • Tangoio
  • Opounui
  • Mangakoheri
  • Aonganui
  • Iwituaroa
  • Patete
  • Pikirangi 

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Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust Grants

Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust provides a number of different grants to groups and individuals each year. Kaumatua Grants are available to owners or descendants of an owner in Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust. Applicants must be 65 years of age or older at 31 December each year. Tertiary Education Grant and Scholarships.