By: Seeit Corporate  06-Dec-2011

When asked about our range of products and a brief description on what we do, we used to always draw breath, wondering "how on earth do we describe the diversity of what we do?". 

That was until one of our staff members came up with the perfect response. When she was asked, she said

"Put simply, anything you can put a brand on, we can do it!".

Her description was so good that we adopted it as our company strapline!  Essentially, we can put your brand on anything - from uniforms to signs and banners, printed marketing materials, websites, and of course there's promotional items from the gimmicky to the glamorous.

Supporting this is our ability to tune into your brand and marketing requirements so that the products we supply are right for you.  Collectively, our team has a very strong level of marketing expertise and experience which means there are no 'order takers' at Seeit. Everyone you talk to here is interested in how the products you order are going to help your business grow.

With so many promotional companies out there these days, we take pride in being able to bring you value well beyond what you'd get anywhere else. Seeit is the promotional company that thinks about your marketing.

The other key strength of our business is Seeit Corporate - an online ordering system on this website that allows companies to develop private online catalogues of branded material.  Behind the scenes on this website we have a number of private online stores, with product sourced from Seeit and from third party suppliers like printers and consumable suppliers. 


Other products and services from Seeit Corporate


Seeit Signs

Since starting in 2004, we've helped hundreds of clients throughout New Zealand in their quest to be seen by more people, more often so that they can achieve more. At Seeit our entire focus is on manufacturing and sourcing the best quality indoor and outdoor signs, flags and banners so that your message looks fantastic.


Demo Promo Items - How Corporate Works

Essentially we create private online stores for companies so that on log-in, they get to see their entire range of promotional materials, uniforms and print materials (note that not all items have to be sourced from Seeit - we also run a drop shipping model where other suppliers can be notified on receipt of an order).


Seeit Promo Products

Our comprehensive product database features 1000's of products that we can easily and readily source for you - some from national suppliers and others directly through. We live and breathe promotional products and over the past five years we have grown to become a recognised leader in the promotional industry. If there's anything you need to know about promo products, then we are confident that the team at Seeit can assist.