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By: Sales Management  06-Dec-2011
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At MSM, our focus is on improving our clients’ operational sales performance; that means working with clients to develop and implement sales strategies with a focus on delivering rapid and realisable results. MSM is not a sales training company, we believe most sales training provides very little benefit to business and sales people quickly neglect the few techniques useful to their business and products after a short time. Managing sales people is unlike any other area of a business and many owners and managers find it difficult to continually target, motivate, incentivise, measure, coach and provide feedback to sales staff. MSM's approach delivers greater benefits to our clients because we seek to improve the entire sales function to develop the best sales people, the most efficient processes and implement the most effective systems. The combination of the best people, processes and systems deliver realisable and sustainable sales improvements. We provide two core services -
  • MSM's outsourced sales management means we manage your sales and allow business owners to focus on managing the rest of your business. The benefits are multiple, we work directly with the sales team to increase sales capability and improve sales perfromance while management can focus on improving other areas of the business. Plus we do this at a fraction of the cost of a full time sales manager.
  • If you are a small business without a direct sales team it doesnt mean sales cannot be increased. Using our unique Blueprints framework allows us to identify focus areas and work directly with business owners in a timely and cost-effective way to put in place a plan and actions to deliver sales results.
We love working with New Zealand busineses. The passion for their products and services is second to none. However for most business owners sales is a necessary evil to running and growing the business. We talk to, and work with a wide range of businesses who raise two important constraints -
  • The business has only a few sales people. They understand the value of sales people and the positive contribution successful sales people make to the business. However a small sales team does not justify a full time sales manager and the cost.
  • It is hard to be a jack of all trades and a master of them all. The majority of business owners are having to manage production to sales, marketing, distribution and finance. As such many business owners struggle to really leverage any particular area.

MSM is the only Bay of Plenty based sales management consultants that specialise in providing outsourced sales management. Outsourced sales management provides an effective way for businesses to introduce professional sales management experience into the business without the need for full time staff, ongoing training and the associated costs. We have a continual investment policy in our consultants so you can be sure we are using the most effective methods and approaches to accelerating your sales. We are not a one-size-fits-all consultancy or in the business of producing 'shiny shoed sales people'. Our approach focusses on creating a sales centre of excellence by increasing the sales capability of your staff and introducing best-practise sales processes and systems that provide a realisable and sustainable benefit to your business.Our Sales coaching programmes extend the sales skills of your sales people and sales team. Sales coaching sessions are delivered over a defined period with regular meetings to closely track progress. Importantly, MSMs’ sales coaching programmes are action based and designed to introduce behavioural changes and therefore provide sustainable and continued benefit to your business long after our direct involvement. Our coaching programmes follow our ACL format and involve a variety of proven sales techniques and methods including SPIN, Solution Selling, Miller Heiman, LEAN and TOC, that allow us to select the best elements from each to best suit the sale of your products and services.Sales management consultancy are short term ad-hoc services provide advice and guidance on delivering best practise sales processes in the business to accelerate and support sales growth. We can advise on all aspects of sales processing including;
  • Implementing forecasting systems
  • Performance measurement and
  • Incentive planning
  • Order fulfilment
  • Managing customer complaints
  • Customer and prospect communications
  • Pre and post sales analysis and management reporting
Sales recruitment support provides advice and guidance on hiring sales staff, structuring remuneration and incentive packages and ensuring new staff generate revenue as soon as possible. We also provide services to manage nonperforming sales people.Customer relationship and contact management systems provide effective management and communication with customers and prospects through software. Implementing these systems reduces the knowledge silos that occur and encourages sharing of customer and prospect information across the business that delivers better customer service and communication. To find out more about the various customer management solutions MSM provide

Keywords: Sales Management