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By: Lwwcm  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Content Management, Web Content Management, Portal Server

IBM Web Content Manager (


) / IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management (




) /


- whatever you (or IBM) want to call it, I specialise in it.

I have a vast knowledge and experience of


(formerly known as

Aptrix Content Server

) for both the Lotus Notes (Domino Server) and Java (WebSphere Application Server / WebSphere Portal Server) environments.

I have specialist experience in it's installation, configuration, development, features and functionality. I can even customise* LWWCM to suit your requirements.

If you are having problems or would like advice on the

"Best Practices"


  • Installation / configuration of LWWCM for Domino / WebSphere (WAS / WPS)
  • Websphere Portal Server - Content Portlet Viewer installation and configuration
  • LDAP integration with WPS
  • LDAP integration with LWWCM
  • Customisation of LWWCM Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Configuring and using Version Control for Design Components / WebPages
  • Personalisation without impacting Performance
  • Improving performance with/without Caching
  • Workflows and Workflow Stages
  • Integrating dynamic (DHTML) drop down navigators
  • Creating dynamic navigators built from the Information Architecture
  • Migration of existing HTML Pages into LWWCM (including the conversion from ASP to LWWCM)
  • Multi-lingual documents in Aptrix
  • Replication of databases
  • Syndication of LWWCM instances
  • Profiling and re-profiling your content efficiently
  • Designing Page Layouts / Page Designs efficiently
  • Web Accessibility
  • Integration of bespoke applications
  • Security and ACL's
  • Information Architecture Design
  • Component and WebPage Master/Copy Sharing
  • Scalability and Configuring Multiple Publishing databases
  • Enabling and Configuring Agents (and on which Environments)
  • MS-Word Web Publishing Templates
  • Feedback Databases
  • Web Publishing
  • Automatic Generation of SiteFramework and temporary pages from a CSV file
  • Web design - JavaScript / HTML / XML / ASP / PHP / CSS


today! My experience is some of the best -

afterall I used to work as one of the technical consultants for Aptrix!

I have developed my own set of best practices and add-on features that you can benefit from and decrease your development time. I also know what




work, saving you time and money.


I can perform analysis of your existing implementation and recommend how to improve it. I have been involved in several redesigns of Aptrix web sites - my extensive web development skills include expert knowledge of the latest technologies. Visit my

for a full list.


I have re-written the searching Agent in Aptrix to provide a more thorough searching facility. Select which fields you want to search in - display title and body, attachments, document title,

across multiple databases

XML Feeds

If you are looking to implement a newsfeed or integrate an existing one into Aptrix then I can help. Using some of the built in (but undocumented) features of Aptrix, I have successfully installed newsfeeds seemlessly into Aptrix for several clients - streaming news articles every 15 minutes. They even archive automatically.


Many of the agents running on LWWCM produce log files for administrative purposes. Unfortunately, if these are left unchecked, they can slow performance. My cleanup routines ensure that your installation remains as fast as possible.

Agents / Tools

I have a full set of Aptrix tools to improve development turn-arounds - including the automatic generation of the Site Framework and all "landing" pages from a




I have created migration tools to migrate your old (legacy) content into Aptrix. If you have content stored in ASP files or flat HTML files, I can even migrate these into Aptrix automatically.

Keywords: Content Management, Portal Server, Web Content Management

Other products and services from Lwwcm


IBM LWWCM (ILWWCM) / Aptrix Products :: LuciFind - lfcompare

When integrated with IBM WebSphere Portal, the META Title is used for each search result, which is identical for all WCM pages displayed via the Content Rendering Portlet. WCM Search: Either filtering by Current User or filtering by Authoring Template is possible. Portal Search does NOT support filtering based on the current user. IBM Workplace Web Content Management 5.1 and 6.0 1. Fix Pack 2 is required.


IBM LWWCM (ILWWCM) / Aptrix Products :: LuciFind - lffeatures

A comprehensive manual is provided, detailing the installation and configuration options available for LuciFind™. Rebuild Collection Source - rebuild a single collection source within the collection. Update Collection Source - update a single collection source within the collection. Download a 2-page flyer for LuciFind.


IBM LWWCM (ILWWCM) / Aptrix Products :: LuciFind - lfscreens

LuciFindConfig Administration Portlet: Administration portlet for setting update / rebuild schedules and for checking on the indexer status. A comprehensive 60 page manual is included, detailing the installation and configuration options available for LuciFind™. LuciFindResults Search Module: search engine and results generator. LuciFind Indexing Module: Multithreaded indexing agent.