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By: Glassart  06-Dec-2011
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“GlassArt Splashbacks offer absolute style and functionality”.

Colours for GlassSplashbacks

Colours are an exciting part of designing a glass splashback. If you are wanting to create something unique with flair, we have a range of energetic metallics and crazy bold reds, blues, greens and pinks. Or, if you prefer things a little less wild we have subtle pearlescent whites and neutrals. Whatever your taste, we have developed over 60 colours suited to glass splashbacks, and if you can't find a colour you like, we offer a colour matching service.

Our Glass

With the functional benefits of durability, ease of cleaning and heat resistance, Glass Splashbacks are the perfect alternative to tiles and stainless steel.
Our glass is manufactured using the latest technology available in New Zealand. The glass is cut, shaped and then polished to match your exact requirements. Glass can be designed to fit under curved range hoods, holes cut out to accommodate power points and switch holes – that’s the best thing with glass, it can be used for virtually any application and cut to any size.
It is then painted in one of our purpose built spray booths and moved into the heated drying room, where the paint is given 24hrs to cure.
We use a number of glass types for our splashbacks. The most common are Low Iron and Clear Float.
Low Iron is a 99% optically clear glass that has no traces of “green” which causes a colour variation.
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For example, if you choose a Resene or Dulux colour for your splashback, Low Iron is the best option as it dosen't contain any green hue and willproduce a truer colour – the Low Iron glass will give you a 99% colour match.


Our effects glass has a variety of finishes, using a range of unique paint applications. The Black and White tones are energetic, mysterious and, in some lights, deceiving – it's hard to believe such a finish is possible on glass.

Textured glass is used to promote depth and liveliness. There are colours with a wood grain and stone look, as well as uniformed lines and patterns, each offering all the benefits of a smooth glass face.

The Digital glass, something very new to glass, creates a world of possibilities. We have designed our own 4 images which are in line with today’s modern and contemporary look.

Glass offers us no restrictions when it comes to colours, patterns or digital images. This is an exciting new territory and we are looking forward to developing Volume 2.

Custom Made and Installed Glass Splashbacks

We can design and manufacture your glass splashback within 10-12 days from the initial onsite measure. It will be installed by one of our friendly installers who have been trained in the art of customer service and glass splashback installation.

Keywords: Glass, Glass Splashbacks