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By: Excelso  06-Dec-2011
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Excelso's coffee beans win Gold, Silver and Bronze at this years coffee awards!

Excelso Coffee roasts only 100% Arabica fresh roasted coffee beans, for the best coffee experience.  Roastmaster

learned his trade in North America and has since traveled the world researching and perfecting the 'art' of coffee roasting and blending.  At Excelso we roast all coffee bean types separately to highlight each origin's natural characteristics.

Excelso is where you can buy coffee of all types. We stock a range of fresh roasted coffee beans, so if you need a coffee hit and want the best coffee on the market, check out what we've got at our online coffee store. We have


, as well as



 Prices include gst


Coffee beans are grown in countries around the world mainly between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.  At Excelso we roast only

coffee from these 'origin' countries.  They include: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Papua New Guinea.  Each origin has its own special characteristics unique to where it is grown.


After roasting each coffee bean origin separately, the roaster will then blend them together to highlight their characteristics.  It is the blending that achieves special flavours and the coffee blend that makes a truly remarkable espresso drink.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Using coffee beans sourced from Trade Aid, their form of trade helps to enrich, empower and

transform disadvantaged producers’ lives around the world through income generation that helps to restore dignity and self reliance. 

about the farmers who grow fair trade organic coffee.

Decaffeinated Coffee


Winner of Gold & Silver at this year's Coffee Awards!!!

At Excelso Coffee we


roast coffee that has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method. 

This ecology-friendly water decaffeination process uses simple science to remove caffeine..


Excelso is your complete coffee supplies company. You can also choose from a variety of espresso

, including home and

. You'll also find the perfect

and a wide range of essential coffee accessories.

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