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By: Bodytalk System  06-Dec-2011
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What is a naturopath?

Naturopaths are highly trained health professionals who undergo extensive training in both theory and clinical supervision before graduating. Today, studies include a comprehensive understanding of medical science, encompassing anatomy and physiology, pathology and diagnosis.

This orthodox understanding of the body is complemented by a thorough education in holistic medicine, which encompasses nutritional science and practice, acute homeopathy and extensive herbal studies. On graduation, a naturopath qualifies as a medical herbalist and RBT (remedial body therapist). Additional diagnostic techniques of iridology are also taught to help assist in assessment.

With this broad range of knowledge and skills, naturopaths are seen today as holistic primary healthcare providers, for people who want to receive a more holistic approach to health.

Services we offer

At SCS Health, we offer a variety of services that are being refined and added to constantly, so refer back to this website regularly for updates.

We believe in the benefits of integrated healthcare, so if you are currently under the care of a specialist or other orthodox practitioner, we encourage communication between different fields of medicine. This ensures you are being offered every opportunity to receive the most comprehensive and effective treatments for your health complaint.

What to expect from an SCS Health Consultation

Once a decision has been made to have a consultation with SCS Health, a time will be made for you to come in to clinic. You will be sent a reminder txt the day before your appointment. Please notify the clinic at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time if you are unable to keep this, as often there may be other people who are missing out.

You will often be asked to bring along any medication or current supplements you may already be taking and any other information that may prove relevant and helpful, including lab results, meal diary, information specific to your condtion, etc. You may also have already filled out certain assessment forms that have been requested from you.

The first part of the consultation will involve many questions to give an understanding and background to what is happening. Some simple diagnostic tests may then be performed, followed by a BodyTalk session. When the session has finished, a summary and the initial dispensing of a treatment plan may follow. In some cases, further research may be required before dispensing occurs. Any questions from the client are answered, a follow-up appointment will be discussed and, in most cases, booked in.

What to expect from a BodyTalk session

BodyTalk is based on the premise that the body can heal itself if given the opportunity to have optimal balance restored to the body. In BodyTalk we do not prescribe anything, we do not diagnose, there is no uncomfortable manipulations or needles. In fact, your body does everything in the BodyTalk session. We simply establish communication with the body and ask appropriate questions. Then, with 'linking', 'tapping out' and 'exaggerated breathing', the healing process begins.

How much does it cost?

Full Consultation (incl. BodyTalk Session): 90 min $80
Naturopathic Consultation: 60 min $70
Follow ups: 45 min $50

All follow-ups also include a BodyTalk session. Naturopathic consultations are for those people not wanting to receive BodyTalk (although this is recommended). Any prescription and testing may incur additional fees.

If you quote this website when making a booking, you will receive a test that measures your level of Free Radical Damage worth $25 FREE of charge.

Additional Services:

  • Separate Bodytalk Sessions $50 (45 mins): If you're not an existing client, your first BodyTalk consultation will
  • be $70 (60mins)
  • Full body massage $60 (60mins) or Specific area $40 (30mins)

Cost of Tests

Free Radical Test: $25
Allergy Tests: $99
Gut Health Test: $20

Discount Cards

Buy a discount card for 5 BodyTalk sessions for $225 (savings of $25)
Buy a discount card for 10 BodyTalk sessions for $440 (savings of $60)

The SCS Health guarantee

We are so confident that you will receive benefit from these healing systems that we offer a guarantee. If you do not experience improvement after 5 regular sessions, we will refund the full cost of the first session.

This guarantee is only available to clients who are receiving BodyTalk as part of their treatment.

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Keywords: Naturopath