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By: Bay Law  05-Apr-2012

Property Management

  • Welcome Bay Law now has a property management division headed by Kristal Cihan, Solicitor and Lewis Graham, Property Administrator.
  • We act for landlords and provide all services including advertising for tenants, reference checking, property inspections, rent, administration, Tenancy Agreements and related advice to landlords.
  • Since 1 October 2010 the Residential Tenancies Act requires all landlords who will be overseas for more than 3 weeks to nominate a person in New Zealand to manage their property. If a bond is held at the Department of Building and Housing they must be advised of the person responsible.
  • Welcome Bay Law’s property management division is able to provide an on-call service to enable landlords to comply with the law and ensure that rents are paid on time and tenant issues can be dealt with promptly in the landlord’s absence.

Unit Title Legislation

  • There have been recent changes to the Unit Titles Act and we will be posting more information about this soon. Body Corporates may need to be reviewing their rules in light of the changes.

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