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By: Southern Monitoring Services (SMSL)  07-Jun-2012
Keywords: Dust Mites, Insect Control, Diy Mosquito Control

Plenty of Nuisance pest information is updated regularly, including mosquito information, dust mite information, bed bugs information, head lice (nits) information, fleas and ticks. We often have a tendency to just ignore or put up with insect pests in New Zealand because they don't generally carry disease. But many cause allergies and bite and can be a real nuisance. If you need information on insect pests in you home, visit our website PEST page for lots of helpful information.

Many insect pests have the potential for creating public health nuisances; mosquitoes, nits or head lice, scabies, dust mites, and bed bugs are a few of these common insects pests that can create nuisance conditions and affect the health of families and individuals. Other common insects such as cockroaches, flies, moths and ticks are also disease and bacteria transmitters or nuisance pests that cause damage to food and fabric clothing materials in the household. Numerous other insects are pests such as thrips, whitefly, vinegar fly, and fungus gnats, found in the garden, are on our fruit and vegetables, while others including fleas and ticks affect our pets, livestock and horses.

There are numerous methods and products available for the control and elimination of these insects available for purchase today. We aim to provide for nuisance insect pests. We believe our range of products are effective and safer for the environment and the household than the more traditional chemical options.

If your not sure or need more information , we are happy to help!

Keywords: Diy Mosquito Control, Dust Mites, Insect Control, Pest Insects,

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