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By: portable kiwi cabin ltd.  07-Aug-2011
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   The solid investment in Portable Kiwi Cabin.   As you may know, the 1st of April 2011 tax changes disadvantageously affected investment property business, according to BNZ economist Tony Alexander.   When the investors want to get into the property market, they do calculations how much profit they're going to make. The tax depreciation was a very important part of that, as yearly depreciation of the investment property was allowed to claim as an investor's tax rebate. With new tax changes, it is impossible to do that any longer and investment property business becomes questionable.   However, it is a different matter with the investment into Portable Kiwi Cabin, which is a manufacturer of portable/transportable accommodation.   The investment in one portable kiwi cabin can return to you from 18% of your original investment, which no house can do. Our cabins are built as self contain buildings. They vary from one bedroom to three bedrooms. The average rents nationwide, for one, two, three and four bedrooms properties rose up by 4%, by ending of June, 2011. The one-bedroom Auckland’s market shows the biggest rise, up to 19%.   The investment into our cabins can be as little as 20k, with the return of 18% minimum, for enquiries, please, see web-site of Portable Kiwi Cabin.

Keywords: Cabins, Mobile Homes, Portable Cabins, Portable Rooms, Transportable Homes

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