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By: Taupo Natural Therapies  06-Dec-2011

Here are just some of the areas Quantum Colostrum can help;

  • Immune System
  • Healing and recovery
  • Weight Loss
  • Digestive issues
  • Muscle building

Colostrum is produced by mothers soon after birth, it is ultra-rich in broad spectrum immune system boosters and natural growth factors, one key role of course is to supply the newborn with building blocks to complete the developement of the digestive tract.

It has been shown to have a youth enhancing, anti-aging effect.

For athletes, it can give you the decisive competitive edge.  Your body's immune and growth factors decline with illness and age.  It can help replace these vital components of life.

Colostrum does not contain milk or milk products and Quantum Colostrum comes  from organically fed cows that have never been ill, living only at certified organic dairies.

Be wary of colostrum in the marketplace comes from non-organic sources that may contain toxic residues from commercially fed, drug-maintained cows.  Some colostrum products sold over the counter have artificial synthetic additives such as parabens, sodium benzoate, or fructose. 

Quantum Nutrition Labs' whole, organic colostrum is the richest source of active immune compounds.  When it is consumed, these rich nutrients as well as its bioelectrical energy can be imparted to the user.  Colostrum is also indispensable for your stomach and intestinal protection and immunity when traveling and eating out in restaurants with their foods filled with toxic chemical residues.

So to summarise:

    * Quantum-state probiotic and immune support

    * The richest source of N-acetylneuraminic acid, one of the eight essential healing sugars

    * Especially supports recovery after surgery, injuries and colds/flu

    * Excellent support for failure to thrive in babies and normalizing poor appetite (any age)

    * Functions as a stand-in immune system during immune stress (excellent for elderly patients)

    * Supports regular bowel movements; helps the body overcome loose stool/diarrhea

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