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By: Surgionix  05-Apr-2012

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  • Fewer steps: No fiddly depth gauge procedure
  • Saves surgical time: 30 seconds less per drill hole
  • Reliable and accurate: Clinically tested to ensure precise angles and measurements
  • Never miss the track: Measure with the drill bit; no measuring gauge guesswork
  • Easy to use: Fewer steps, simple technology
  • Cost-effective: Time savings, competitive pricing

  1. Attach handle to drill guide at preferred angle – 90 or 45 degrees.
  2. Using appropriate sized drill bit, insert through guide and drill the hole.
  3. Push drill clip forward to extend measuring wire.
  4. Pull drill back until wire stops against distal cortex.
  5. With guide pressed against proximal cortex, measure distance using gauge on drill bit.
  6. Slide sleeve up to clip to disengage the wire and remove drill bit.

Surgionix Orthopaedic Drill Bit Specifications
Product Code Product Name Diameter Length*

SDB25Ti Surgionix Orthopedic 2.5mm Drill Bit 2.5mm 133/87mm
SDB27Ti Surgionix Orthopedic 2.7mm Drill Bit 2.7mm 133/87mm
SDB28Ti Surgionix Orthopedic 2.8mm Drill Bit 2.8mm 133/87mm
SDB32Ti Surgionix Orthopedic 3.2mm Drill Bit 3.2mm 133/87mm
SDB45Ti Surgionix Orthopedic 4.5mm Drill Bit 4.5mm 133/87mm
*Total Length/Total Shaft

Accessories Specifications
Product Code Product Name Diameter Length

SSL30 3mm Drill Guide Sleeve 2.5, 2.7 & 2.8 drill bits 30mm
SSL40 4mm Drill Guide Sleeve 3.2 drill bit 30mm
SSL50 5mm Drill Guide Sleeve 4.5 drill bit 30mm
SHA01 Universal Drill Guide Handle All drill sleeves
SWC--- Replacement Wire and Clip Comes in 2 & 10 pack in range of colours for all drill bits - speak to your rep for full details 95mm
SCC--- Cannulation Cleaner Comes in 10 & 100 pack - speak to your rep for full details 400 mm

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