Plant Protection Chemistry New Zealand : Dispenser applications and examples

By: Ppc Nz  06-Dec-2011

Applications and examples

The Weed-a-Metre was developed to spread herbicide granules around newly planted trees. A version without the spreader cone, the EZidose, can be used for other granular products such as fertilisers, insecticides or even to dose animals. It is light, robust, versatile and can be used with any suitable granule on:

  • farms
  • home gardens
  • driveways
  • road edges
  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • nurseries etc

Granule application has many advantages over liquid applications of herbicides, fertilisers and other pesticides.

NO WATER - no spray or concentrated chemical to splash around, and no heavy container to carry around.
NO MIXING - ready to use granules as supplied by the manufacturer – and no costly mistakes in preparation of solutions.
NO WASTE - when finished for the day the granules can be sealed in their bottle ready for use the next time.
NO WEEDS - granules are just as effective as liquids for long term treatment.

Articles of interest

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Plant Protection Chemistry New Zealand : Services

PPC has worked with chemical companies, spray equipment companies, grower groups, consultants and legal organisations as well as undertaking applied and fundamental studies supported by NZ and Australian government funding sources. Our accomplishments have arisen through fundamental and applied research, to understand the nature of agrichemicals, how they work, and how they interact with target and non-target species.


Plant Protection Chemistry New Zealand : Granule Dispensers

Both are designed to accurately dispense granules (between 0.5 and 2 mm diameter) in amounts ranging from 0.75 ml to 6.25 ml. PPC has been making granule applicators since the 1980s. NO WATER - NO MIXING - NO WASTE.


Plant Protection Chemistry New Zealand : EZidose

Holding unit with bottle at top, squeeze the trigger and a measured dose of granules will fall out of the dispenser outlet. Periodically remove trigger from dispenser body by depressing the locking tab and clean with a dry cloth. ISO 28mm thread will fit any readily available standard plastic bottle. Colour coded trigger inserts for readily identifiable dose rate. Invert the EZidose and screw onto the bottle thread.