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By: Hello Group  05-Apr-2012

Cloud computing allows businesses the opportunity to utilise online applications as opposed to purchasing software for inhouse use only. Cloud computing systems allows the business owner to store, edit and retrieve information online via a provider such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Xero, Workflowmax all of which are a few examples of providers who allow businesses to work in a streamlined manner and conduct business administrative tasks online.

A real world example.  Lets just say you are a plumber. A job has been called in and you are requested to fix Mr Smiths leaking bathroom taps. You gather the details from the call and create the client job.  Then once you leave for that job you clock in. If you have a smart phone you can dial online and once the job has been completed you clock out via your online application. You will also add in the materials such as replacement washers or taps into the online job manager and then complete the job from your vehicle. Voila! Job complete...

We can explore options for you and discuss what would be the best solution to fit your business, give us a call as we would be happy to talk about what would fit for you.

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We have created a system to assist in the keeping of client details, appointments, contact time, notes and statistical reporting. You can export a spreadsheet with applicants ranked in order of priority with criteria you select. It also manages the amount of contact time and keeps track of individual notes and assessments. Applicants can even upload their CV as part of their application.


Online Grant System

The spreadsheet exported from the Online Grant System can even be automatically "ranked" based on the criteria you select prior to exporting the applications. Feel free to try out a demo of our Online Grant System or use our Return On Investment calculator to see how an investment in our system can save your Trust.


Recruit Me

You will be able to mail merge from the data so as to communicate effectively to all who applied, this is just one of the ways you can ensure your recruitment process is stress free and professional. Imagine having all the candidate information within minutes of the close off and only seeing those that meet the specific criteria you are looking for in a candidate.